• Thrifty Thursday – Spring Shopping*

    Thursdays are so much more exciting than they ever used to be. I look forward to writing this post all week–I just hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them! :)

    Today is an especially fabulous Thursday as it’s my mom’s birthday! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!) For some reason I thought that I had missed it… I spent all day yesterday thinking that it was the 31st. I tried calling my mom three times last night but I couldn’t get through, and I went to bed feeling like the worst daughter ever as I hadn’t wished my mother a happy birthday.

    So, I called this morning in utter shame… only to have my dad laugh at me and tell me that her birthday was today. Moral of the story: I’m still a good daughter. haha


    I actually had time to get out and go shopping this week! It was so nice… I just browsed and took my time, and I found two things that I absolutely love.

    I have had the same light black dress coat for 10 years, and it was Peeah’s before it was mine. I’ve always liked it–it’s very simple and looks great with work clothes.

    Sadly, as the jacket is approaching it’s 15th birtrhday, it’s looking a little worse for the wear. I’ve already repaired holes on almost every seam, and the lining has been absolutely destroyed. It’s ripped and just doesn’t look very nice. I’ve been shopping for a replacement for the past little while, and this week I found it! I give you my new black spring coat!

    Voila! I really like it. It’s in fabulous shape, and I love that it’s belted.

    And that it only cost me $8. WIN!

    I also saw some really cute shoes that I just had to have. Confession: I love polka dots. Love them. So when I saw these navy polka dotted wedges, they practically leapt into my card.

    Aren’t they cute? I have a cute navy button up dress that I think they will be perfect with! They are incredibly comfortable, and they were only $6 at Value Village.

    So, those were my big finds this week! Next week I’ll debut Dress #2… I’m excited!!

  • A Day at Home*

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    Remember my super vent-y post last night about how tired and busy and stressed I was?

    I had a surprise day off today. It was magical.

    I honestly thought that today would be even worse than yesterday, especially when we woke up to a call from the Hubster’s work at 6:05am. He was on the phone back and forth for 20 minutes trying to get things organized, while I flew around the apartment getting our things together and trying to have the world’s fastest shower. I was trying to get ready so that I could drive him to work as I thought I’d need the car for my work.

    I didn’t get a supply call for today last night, but usually that means that I just get a dreaded morning call. They can come anytime between 6am and 8:20am, and while you think it might be bad to get a call at 6am, I actually prefer it. It at least gives me some time to prepare. When it’s 7:45 and I don’t have a call yet, I assume that I am going to have the day off… then the phone rings at 8am and it’s rush rush rush.


    I waited, and waited… and the phone didn’t ring. I took the Hubster to work, and still the phone didn’t ring. Then 8am passed, and at 8:30 it finally hit me: I had a day off. :)

    I was already wide awake and dressed, so I decided to use my time to work on some of the things I’ve been stressing over. I packed three totes worth of dishes, one huge box of clothes and another of books. I did the dishes, folded my laundry AND put it away (joy!!).

    …and then I went shopping!

    I went for a long leisurely shop at two thrift stores and found two cute pairs of shoes and a new spring coat! I also had time to pick up this month’s book club book. AND I even had time to read some of it!

    Best of all? I finally had some time to rehearse my song for an upcoming musical production I’m in. It’s nothing big, but I have a song to learn, and as I’m singing it solo I thought it might be wise to learn the words. haha!

    This day was exactly what I needed. I submitted my assignment late last night, so there was less guilt and I actually relaxed.

    I feel like me again.

    And that feels good. :)

  • Balance*

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    I don’t know how people do it.

    Juggle work, errands, housework, church, eating properly, exercise, spending time with your husband, your family–all while trying to squeeze in a little time for yourself so that you don’t go absolutely mad in the process.

    I feel like I have no time for everything–if my dishes get done, the living room gets neglected. If I spend time on my course, exercise is impossible. If I take the time to make a healthy meal, I forgo something else.

    I just can’t do everything.

    And I realize that that’s okay, but I’m not all that okay with it.

    I hate that I didn’t even have time to make my bed before I ran out the door for work this morning.

    I hate that the first block of time I had to do dishes yesterday was 11pm.

    I hate that everything is rush rush rush.

    Mostly, I hate that lately I never feel like I have time that is just… mine. Because I have so much on my plate right now, I feel guilty watching a TV show when I should be doing something else. I feel guilty reading a book before bed when I could be folding laundry.

    I even feel guilty writing in here when I should be finishing my assignment.


    I’m sorry, I’m just so tired and I needed to vent. I’m even waking up at night stressing about all the things I need to do. And stressing because the Hubster is stressing and working hard. And stressing about the fact that I’m stressing.

    Vicious, vicious cycle.

    And now, break time is over… back to work I go.

  • Jani’s Journey*

    Hi dears,

    My course load is a bit insane this week. I have about a billion things due tomorrow–and I’m already booked to work–so I’m attempting to use my time wisely tonight. I’ve already put in four straight hours tonight (with one “minor” interruption for a call to Service Canada–I love being on hold for 23 minutes, don’t you?!) and my eyes are swimming.

    And the best part? I’m not even done yet! WOO WOO!

    My dishes aren’t done, my laundry is in a heap, and I’m pretty sure that my living room just exploded.


    I’m completely burnt out. All of my creative juices just went into the Applied Behavioural Analysis assignment I just completed. So, as my brilliance is tapped out for this evening, I thought I’d leave you with something else.

    Something that left me reeling after I read it–I seriously couldn’t stop thinking about it all day.

    Meet January.

    (via: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/__UwQK_5G6hw/TMHMa_tKJjI/AAAAAAAAANM/hKcA7Ie_Uho/s400/3746891194_15eb3cf4d0.jpg)

    She’s that cute as a button little blonde girl in the middle…who has been diagnosed with child onset schizophrenia.

    Finally learning that diagnosis was a long, arduous process for January’s parents, who spent years trying to discover what was ailing their child. When I began reading her story I was mesmerized–I couldn’t stop reading.

    It’s long, but it’s so worth the read.

    Jani’s Journey


  • Sunday Smiles*

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    I am thankful for…

    1) THIS
    2) A husband who lets me play music all the time.
    3) Parents who instilled a love of music in me.
    4) Cute new speakers.
    5) Hymns.
    6) My piano.
    7) Song lyrics that speak to you.
    8) Music that makes you have to get up and dance.
    9) Harmony.
    10) THIS.

    …what are you thankful for?

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