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Hi dears,

My course load is a bit insane this week. I have about a billion things due tomorrow–and I’m already booked to work–so I’m attempting to use my time wisely tonight. I’ve already put in four straight hours tonight (with one “minor” interruption for a call to Service Canada–I love being on hold for 23 minutes, don’t you?!) and my eyes are swimming.

And the best part? I’m not even done yet! WOO WOO!

My dishes aren’t done, my laundry is in a heap, and I’m pretty sure that my living room just exploded.


I’m completely burnt out. All of my creative juices just went into the Applied Behavioural Analysis assignment I just completed. So, as my brilliance is tapped out for this evening, I thought I’d leave you with something else.

Something that left me reeling after I read it–I seriously couldn’t stop thinking about it all day.

Meet January.


She’s that cute as a button little blonde girl in the middle…who has been diagnosed with child onset schizophrenia.

Finally learning that diagnosis was a long, arduous process for January’s parents, who spent years trying to discover what was ailing their child. When I began reading her story I was mesmerized–I couldn’t stop reading.

It’s long, but it’s so worth the read.

Jani’s Journey


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One Comment

  • tulip

    I just read it – it’s heart-wrenching. I read wondering at the mystery of ourselves – how does the brain function and ‘malfunction’ such that a seven-day old child becomes bored with her surroundings, and by age four has created hundreds of imaginary friends.
    What I think is most frustrating is that the only medications that ‘work’ have debilitating side-effects. It makes me think – surely there must be a better way!
    I guess ultimately, it makes me count my blessings and pray for others.
    thanks for sharing it.