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A Day at Home*


Remember my super vent-y post last night about how tired and busy and stressed I was?

I had a surprise day off today. It was magical.

I honestly thought that today would be even worse than yesterday, especially when we woke up to a call from the Hubster’s work at 6:05am. He was on the phone back and forth for 20 minutes trying to get things organized, while I flew around the apartment getting our things together and trying to have the world’s fastest shower. I was trying to get ready so that I could drive him to work as I thought I’d need the car for my work.

I didn’t get a supply call for today last night, but usually that means that I just get a dreaded morning call. They can come anytime between 6am and 8:20am, and while you think it might be bad to get a call at 6am, I actually prefer it. It at least gives me some time to prepare. When it’s 7:45 and I don’t have a call yet, I assume that I am going to have the day off… then the phone rings at 8am and it’s rush rush rush.


I waited, and waited… and the phone didn’t ring. I took the Hubster to work, and still the phone didn’t ring. Then 8am passed, and at 8:30 it finally hit me: I had a day off. :)

I was already wide awake and dressed, so I decided to use my time to work on some of the things I’ve been stressing over. I packed three totes worth of dishes, one huge box of clothes and another of books. I did the dishes, folded my laundry AND put it away (joy!!).

…and then I went shopping!

I went for a long leisurely shop at two thrift stores and found two cute pairs of shoes and a new spring coat! I also had time to pick up this month’s book club book. AND I even had time to read some of it!

Best of all? I finally had some time to rehearse my song for an upcoming musical production I’m in. It’s nothing big, but I have a song to learn, and as I’m singing it solo I thought it might be wise to learn the words. haha!

This day was exactly what I needed. I submitted my assignment late last night, so there was less guilt and I actually relaxed.

I feel like me again.

And that feels good. :)

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