• The Hubster’s Other Wife*

    Nearly every Sunday at church in my little geriatric ward I catch people doing double takes when they see me to make sure that the Hubster isn’t coming to church with a new woman. A few times I’ve even had the Bishop squint at me from the stand to see who it was that the Hubster had brought to church that day wondering where I was, only to realize that it was me when he saw me standing in the foyer after the meeting. There is one man in particular who is only just now starting to recognize me on a regular basis, after only 3 years. haha!!

    I think my FAVOURITE occurrence of all was when a man (who had even driven us to church before and knows the Hubster quite well) saw me sitting on a couch after church and walked over to me and says, “Hi there!! I’m “Dave”!! Nice to see you today– are you visiting us?”I gave him a questioning look and replied, “Nooo… you home teach with my husband?? I’m Shop Girl*!!” His face turned a million shades of red as he looked closer and inside I nearly DIED laughing (but held it in until after he was out of earshot so not to embarrass him further. hhahaha

    This happens so often at church for 3 reasons:
    1) The people are generally older, you know, bad eye sight and whatnot.
    2) I’m only there once a week so they only have (on average) 4 days a month to see me.
    3) Apparently I change my hair a lot.

    I was going through my pictures and in the past 3 years that I’ve lived here in Senior’s City I’ve had quite a number of hair styles. First let’s talk about cuts / styles:

    1) Before I got married, my hair looked like this: [*Note– you can click on the photos to enlarge them]It was long and I often just left my natural curl as the Hubster loves it.

    2) I can also blow dry it quite straight as well, so it also often looks like this:
    Now. The day after I got married, I chopped off about six inches. It looked like this:I quickly got bored of that haircut, and over the past three years have cut it a variety of ways:
    I’ve also dyed it a variety of colours… until about 2 weeks before my wedding I was a strawberry blonde:I was blonde for… oh, 5 years or so I guess. I decided to go au naturel for our wedding which, for me, is a auburny brown with lots of red highlights. (my Hubs had just given me my very own Scrabble board in this picture.. WOO!!) I’ve also spiced it up a bit with blonde highlights which I didn’t love. I don’t think that they were done very well. I also don’t have a good picture of it (as I kept them only 2 months) so I’ll spare you the horror. haha!! The next big change was when I went black:Which has now faded into what I have now–a darkish brown with reddish tones throughout. So you see, to an older person who has been wearing the same hairstyle for the past 50 years, I suppose my ever-changing hair could make me look like a new person every week. Between curls, pin straight, up, down, blonde, black or in a hat I get to make the Hubster look like he’s with a new woman every weekend. ahhah!

    As long as it’s just a new version of me, I’m okay with that. ;) It’s just fun to spice up your look from time to time… I highly recommend it!

    Shop Girl*

  • Dear Blog*

    Over the past few months I’ve really started to enjoy writing in my blog. Every time I think of something I’d like to write about I make a mental note and add it to a list of potential titles that I keep for when I need a little inspiration. I always think of the FUNNIEST things to write about when I’m away from my computer and have always forgotten them by the time I get home. *sigh*

    The Hubster has been great at helping me come up with things to write about. I guess you could call him my creative adviser. :) He helps me write / remember details of each chapter of our story and I let him read it before I post to make sure that I’m following what actually happened as he has a better memory than I do!

    Lately, when something funny happens, such as accidentally burping at the dinner table or wearing a shirt inside out or messing up words (ie: “Would you like some beacon and eggs?”), one of us (usually the Hubster) laughs and says, “Deeeeear blog…”.

    Whenever he is at the root of the hilarity, he will start pretending to be me and in a high falsetto voice will talk out how the entry would sound. I usually can’t do much about it because I’m usually laughing so hard that it takes all my focus not to pee my pants. haha!

    I don’t usually ever actually write out these posts– it’s more or less our own private spoken blog of sorts. If I did write them they would probably make absolutely NO sense whatsoever to anyone but us, and I like to keep our weirdness to myself. hahaha!

    Shop Girl*

  • Water Update*

    As of 10:36am this morning… WE HAVE HOT WATER!!

    It’s a miracle. They actually fixed it on time. Please please let this be foreshadowing of a good summer for water mishaps… haha

    Shop Girl*

  • Hot Water? What Hot Water?

    I called in sick to work this morning. However, I’m not actually sick. Would you like to know why I called in sick when I am not sick? Oh, I bet you do!! Are you ready for it???

    …the no hot water saga has begun again. WOOOOOOO!! Last summer we marked a record high of days without hot water or any water at all in our apartment building. Isn’t that wonderful???? (**note: please read that last sentence with heavy sarcasm)

    It’s nice to have the morning off as it’s been a longish week, but not being able to shower makes me feel gross. As of right now the hot water has been off for 24 hours, and though there are signs posted saying that it will be fixed by 10:30am, I’m betting on 2pm. I will be SHOCKED if I can shower before noon. *sigh*

    Anyway, last night I received a bit of bright news that made my whole week!! I’m still an Indian!!!! ahhaha!! For those of you who didn’t know (or that couldn’t tell by my whiter than white skin color in my photographs) I have Métis heritage and that entitles me to certain bursaries from the university. Well, I applied MONTHS ago and hadn’t heard a thing (I had it by this time last year) and assumed that maybe I just wasn’t Indian enough this year. However, there was a lovely little cheque in my mailbox last night and now I am a happy happy lady. :)

    Lastly, I finally ordered my grad photos after much deliberation. I decided to get prints in both #3 and #4 as I couldn’t decide. It wasn’t as expensive as I thought it would be so it all worked out!!

    So, I’ll keep you posted on our no hot water situation. It’s really quite fun. Haaaaaaa no.

    Shop Girl*

  • Bus Driver Buddies*

    This may sound odd to some of you, but I have some bus driver buddies. I have always been polite to bus drivers / transit workers, but after living in the city, there weren’t really opportunities to chat with drivers as a) the buses were so packed that it wasn’t possible, b) the drivers simply weren’t very pleasant, or c) because transit was wonnnnnderful in the city, you were rarely on one bus for very long before switching or reaching your destination.

    Now that I’m in my sleepy little Senior’s City where the buses only run every 40 minutes and you see the same bus driver every day, we’ve become “buddies”. Let me explain: now that I am working 2 jobs and am still in school full time I am on the bus a lot as I move from A to B.

    My first bus driver buddy was a sweet little old Italian man named “George”. He’s very sweet and nice to everyone that gets on his bus. At first he would give me a big smile and a hello every time I got on, then it evolved to, “Hiya Sweetheart! Good to see you!”, until I sat at the front one day and he just started to chat and told me all about his bus driving adventures. Now whenever I see him (on or off the bus) he stops and says hello and asks me all about what’s going on in my world. He’s really a very cute old man. :)

    Then in the fall I met “Don”. For a while, it seemed like every time I got on the bus to head to school Don was driving. At first he just said “Hi” when I’d get on the bus, but as soon as it became clear that he was driving me at least 3 or 4 times a week he started to chat. He’s a younger guy, and a few generic talks about the weather and life in general he started talking to me about dating.

    I need to add in a side note here: since getting married nearly 3 years ago now, all of my non-married male friends now assume that I must be some kind of a relationship “guru” because I am married. As a result, I am often hunted down for “woman advice”.

    So. Early on in our conversations I told Don that I was married and gave him the whole story (he was fascinated that I had gotten married so young) and he explained that he was just recently separated and had just entered the dating world for the first time in 15 years. He had just started dating someone, and immediately he began coming to me for advice. haha! Now, whenever he’s driving the bus I’m on, he talks to me about his girlfriend and asks for my advice because surely I must have the answers because I’m happily married. The Hubster thinks it’s hilarious that a bus driver, quite a few years my senior, comes to me for relationship advice. I’m not going to lie, I also think it’s a hoot!! hahah!

    I often get funny looks from other passengers when the bus drivers start chatting with me. I can often get on now without needing to show my card or pay because they know me by face / name. It was really bizarre for me at first–in the city being buddies with bus drivers just didn’t happen. You got on the bus, you stood like sardines on the bus, you got off the bus. Thats it. It is kind of nice though.. as I am on the bus by myself so often it’s nice to see a friendly face (and ride for free when I forget my student card!! haha).

    So, you should try being buddies with your driver sometime. Bus drivers are often really nice people.

    Shop Girl*

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