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Dear Blog*

Over the past few months I’ve really started to enjoy writing in my blog. Every time I think of something I’d like to write about I make a mental note and add it to a list of potential titles that I keep for when I need a little inspiration. I always think of the FUNNIEST things to write about when I’m away from my computer and have always forgotten them by the time I get home. *sigh*

The Hubster has been great at helping me come up with things to write about. I guess you could call him my creative adviser. :) He helps me write / remember details of each chapter of our story and I let him read it before I post to make sure that I’m following what actually happened as he has a better memory than I do!

Lately, when something funny happens, such as accidentally burping at the dinner table or wearing a shirt inside out or messing up words (ie: “Would you like some beacon and eggs?”), one of us (usually the Hubster) laughs and says, “Deeeeear blog…”.

Whenever he is at the root of the hilarity, he will start pretending to be me and in a high falsetto voice will talk out how the entry would sound. I usually can’t do much about it because I’m usually laughing so hard that it takes all my focus not to pee my pants. haha!

I don’t usually ever actually write out these posts– it’s more or less our own private spoken blog of sorts. If I did write them they would probably make absolutely NO sense whatsoever to anyone but us, and I like to keep our weirdness to myself. hahaha!

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