• Imagine This is a Funny Title*

    Full confession: I just undid my pants before sitting down to write. It’s just been that kind of a day.

    It started with my fire alarm shower scare, then we rushed out the door to meet up with my lovely cousin and her three boys at a splash pad. I’ve been nervous to take them to one, but the splash pad near her home is quiet and for most of the morning we were basically the only ones there. It was a much needed slice of normalcy the kids needed… but they were so fried when we left. It’s a great little park, but there is zero shade. After two hours in full sun everyone was tired.

    We had a quiet afternoon–the boys watched a movie so S and I could sneak upstairs and watch another chunk of Anne of Green Gables. I can’t get over how much she is loving the story… she asks 2273589279 questions while we watch because it’s SO foreign to her, but she loves it so much. I dig deep for patience and answer them ALL because I hope she will always love Anne like I do.

    Tonight M was my hero and took the kids out so I could have a quiet minute alone in the house. I had a quick video call with my parents and siblings, then just took a minute to breathe in the solitude. Since the pandemic started, I feel like I’ve had so few moments alone in my house. I go out for runs and walks, but there’s something different about being able to have a moment of peace and quiet in your house… especially after being with the kids all day. Every day. For lots of days in a row.

    While they were out M won his Dad of the Year badge for teaching our not quite four year old how to ride a two wheeler without training wheels. M was SO determined to teach P to do it, and I was SO convinced that he wasn’t ready.

    Apparently I was wrong. It wasn’t P that wasn’t ready. It was me.

    How is my baby almost 4!??!

    I’m going to need a minute to process that.

    Once we got the kids bathed and into bed, M put on a movie and I slipped downstairs to write, but definitely finished off the episode of Unsolved Mysteries that I had started earlier instead.

    Which bring me to now–yawning between sentences and squinting to see the screen because my contacts definitely need to come out and I’m so tired.

    Getting older is so glamorous.

    I spent at least 30 minutes reading before bed last night, and I feel like I slept a little better. I’m hoping for a repeat tonight.

  • I’m Free*

    I finished my Couch to 5K program today!

    I did noooot want to run this morning. I haven’t been sleeping well lately–I fall asleep quickly, but then I’m restless and in and out of sleep from about 2am on. I have these weird vivid, fragmented dreams and don’t feel like I’m getting in a deep sleep.

    I wore a watch that tracks sleep patterns last night, and it told me I got a whopping 52 minutes of deep sleep. I am a tired mama.

    So, I didn’t want to go, BUT, I also really wanted to finish this. I got off to a late start, but I made myself go and I’m really glad that I did. I really pushed myself and I got my average pace down to 7:15min / km and I’m SO close to the 7 minute mark now.

    As I was rounding out the last kilometer, I actually got really emotional… even though this is not my first time finishing a C25K.

    …but it was the first time in YEARS that I’ve finished it without pain.

    P is turning 4 in three weeks. That means I’ve been living with hip / back injury for just shy of four years. I’ve had periods where it’s been really good, like last summer when I tried to run the C25K again. But like my previous attempts before it, my C25K last summer ended in debilitating pain. I would build up to the point where I could run the 5km again, but at the end of each run my back and hips would ache… and eventually my hips would go out and I’d be laid up for days.

    It was SO defeating. It felt like every time I tried to exercise or strengthen my body, it “failed” me.

    So I’d give up. I’d stop running until I was ready to try again… then the cycle would inevitably repeat. It happened again this past February when I tried to start running again. Everything was great for a few weeks, then just as the pandemic hit my hips went out again and I had to stop.

    This time, we were all stuck at home in self-isolation and I couldn’t book an appointment to see an Osteopath, Chiropractor or RMT. After days with one hip hiked several inches higher than the other, I was so fed up that I finally decided to do something myself.

    Enter yoga.

    For two months I exclusively did yoga almost every day. I could barely even do most of the poses in the first beginner video I tried, but each day got a little better. I felt the ache in my back and hips dull, and for the first time in YEARS I realized that I was exercising without pain.

    So I decided to try running again.

    I took it slow, and I alternate days with yoga. I never run two days in a row, and I always leave a generous cool down period after each run (a very helpful suggestion from my osteo). Even with this, I was almost dreading each week of the C25K as I worried it would end in pain as it had before time and time again.

    Except this time it didn’t. As I finished the full 5km at my best pace yet, I realized that my back wasn’t hurting. My hips felt great. I made it to the end with no pain and I can’t even begin to describe how amazing that feels. I’m sitting here crying again as I write this because it was SUCH a big deal for me.

    For the first time in YEARS, I don’t feel like my body is going to fail me. I feel capable. I feel powerful.

    I feel strong.

    I feel… free.

  • The One With No Hot Water*

    My husband is a wizard.

    He works from home 80% of the time now, but today he actually had to go in… so naturally the hot water tank died. I realized this as I was bathing the kids after my yoga workout, which left me with noooo hot water for my shower.

    It was… refreshing. And very fast.

    I was convinced we’d need to bring someone in after attempting to reset the hot water tank with no luck. Have you ever read the safety warnings on the side of one of those things? If you haven’t, it basically reads “IF YOU TAMPER WITH ME I WILL EXPLODE AND YOU WILL DIE.”

    I like to live, so my contribution was basically pulling out the power cord and putting it back in and then running away in case that made it blow up. (It didn’t.) I also pressed some buttons so I felt like I helped a lot.

    M came home after work, pulled the front panel off and went to work. He chatted with a friend at work who had some experience with this, glanced at the manual and dug in. Within an hour, it was humming along as if had never stopped. I swear, his handy man powers will never cease to amaze me.

    I’m so excited for a hot shower tomorrow!

    Today felt so full. Yoga and baths for the kids this morning, then it was time for our grocery pickup. There was an obscene wait for that, so when we got home it was a whirlwind of putting things sort of away while trying to whip up a quick lunch for the kids. This afternoon I put a movie on for the boys, then S and I snuck upstairs to watch a bit more of Anne of Green Gables. Today we saw Gilbert Propose (for the first time) and S is SO in love with this story.


    After that I gave myself an hour to try and clean SOMETHING in my house today, then it was out for more errands. I found a lady nearby that makes cloth masks, and ordered some new ones for Miss S and I. We came back just in time to start dinner–BBQ Haddock, sweet potatoes and green beans.

    Tonight was a bit of an adventure. Dinner was late, but M wanted to go out and help S build her new bike that finally arrived in the mail today. I figured we’d play on the front lawn for a bit while he worked then herd the kids into bed as per usual.

    That quick play time turned into building the full bike, which naturally meant testing it out. That led to H wanting his bike too, which led to P wanting his. That led to him getting frustrated that he couldn’t keep up to the big kids, which led to M removing his training wheels to start teaching him how to ride without them. That led to them disappearing down the block, which gave me a quiet minute on my front lawn to call my mom. That led to me being on the phone when they got back, and them deciding they wanted to go for a walk before I could insert any “bedtime obejctions”. (I’m secretly glad.) That led to a glorious adventure through the neighbourhood at NINE pm, which led to three tired kids and one exhausted Dad collapsing into bed at 9:30.

    That led to me having a quiet house to write.

    It was

  • The One Without a Title*

    As much as I love these gorgeous sunny days, I’m so ready for rain.

    It’s pretty much been 30+ degrees for two weeks straight and my lawn is so brown it’s crispy. I should probably water it… but at the same time I also kinda feel like that’s Mother Nature’s job since my plate is already kinda full with the whole keeping three small humans alive thing.

    (C’mon, Mama Nature. Let’s get it together here.)

    Today was a beautiful, busy day. I woke up early and slipped out for a run–this morning I finished Week 8 of my C25K so there’s only ONE run left until it’s finished. I feel really proud about it! I’m terrible at sticking with any kind of exercise regime so anytime I finish anything I feel like a million bucks.

    We had “Zoom Church” after that. As much as I miss the recharge I get from actually being in the building with my church community, I gotta admit–I love being able to listen from my couch. It’s glorious to not have that hurried rush out the door that inevitably happens EVERY week. Now I can holler at my kids to get into the living room and we can just be together. I like that.

    The rest of the day was a mish mash of getting things done. We went for a drive, tidied up a little and hung one of the doors I painted yesterday. The frame on the other door still needs a lot of work, so I’m not home free yet.

    I made homemade burgers for dinner, and I kinda love that that’s our new thing. I always thought that it was soooo hard to make a good homemade burger, but it’s totally not. I definitely count this as a COVID accomplishment.

    We went for spin around the block after dinner–the kids rode their bikes while M and I walked and talked leisurely in the rear. I love these quiet moments we can steal together in this happy chaos we call life. We FINALLY got P off his balance bike and he’s riding his new (to him) two wheeler + training wheels like a pro. We definitely went too far and he was exhausted by the end, but did it. What a champ.

    The kids all rode hard, so we celebrated with Gatorade, popcorn and our new family show–The Floor is Lava. It’s absolutely ridiculous and we LOVE it. The kids pick their favourites and root them on from the couch. (We’re very supportive.)

    We just finished hauling them into bed, and I came downstairs to find my lovely husband cleaning the kitchen for me, so I thought I’d sneak on here for a minute. You know. Priorities.

    There was a time when P was new that life with three kids just felt so overwhelming and impossible. I couldn’t even imagine this life because I was just so focused on trying to survive each day. I’m so glad we’re here.

    It’s such a good life. ❤️

    (Up next is an exciting evening of budgeting. You wish you were us. I know.)

  • I Hate Painting Doors*

    I am tired.

    We are in “fix-all-the-things-in-the-house-that-have-been-bugging-us-forever” mode. This week M painted the bathroom ceiling and ripped out all the trim to replace it, so today I decided to tackle two doors that desperately needed to be painted.

    It seriously took me ALL DAY to get these doors done. There was a lot of sanding a prep work, then each door needed two coats of paint on each side… which meant each side needed to dry before flipping.

    It was a long, hot day, but thankfully it’s done now. I’m ignoring all the outside cleanup for another few minutes, then it’s time to curl up and watch the second half of Hamilton. I was a little worried that the boys wouldn’t be able to sleep without a door on their room, but they both passed out within 5 minutes.

    I love summer.

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