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Thrifty Thursday – Pink Pumps*

Last weekend the Hubster and I went north to see my family and meet my beautiful new nephew, Hugh.

After a long visit with Peeah at her house, we all left so that she and her husband could get the kids to bed. It was roughly 8pm, and my dad (who is a pro thrifter–he finds amazing deals) asked me if I had made it to Goodwill yet that day. When I answered that I hadn’t had time, he reminded me that it was a 50% off day and asked me if I wanted to go.

We dropped the Hubster off at their house, then my mom, dad and I headed out for a mini late-night thrift store adventure.

I did what I always do: I bee-lined for the shoes. (It’s a compulsion. I can’t help it.) I saw a wicked pair of 3.5″ brown Aldo pumps, but the toes were a little more scuffed than I like. I also spied a beautiful pair of black Nine West flats, but they were a bit too big for me.

Then, in the sea of black and beige shoes, I saw a flash of pink. Hiding beneath a hideous grandma shoe was a pair of pink Steve Madden pumps. I knew in that moment that I absolutely needed pink shoes. I mean, really–doesn’t everyone?

I grabbed them off the shelf and slid one on my foot, praying that it would fit.

…it was a Cinderella moment. (Well, minus the prince. He was at home, letting me shop in thrift story glory. Isn’t that prince-like?)

They fit perfectly! I was so excited to throw them in my cart, and they ended up being the only thing I bought that night. The best part? They cost me a whopping $3.50. *swoon*

They have a bit of a scuffed, worn look to them that I actually really like. It makes the pink not so pink and looks kind of cool.

Seriously–how fun are these? I cannot wait to wear them.


In other news, I’m about to start my new Thrifty Adventure! After seeing the results from my poll, I’ll be beginning Six Months + Six Dresses next week! On the first Thursday of each month I’ll post my dress for the month. I am so excited to take on this challenge–I love dresses, but I am always afraid to buy them and wear them. This will force me out of my comfort zone and I hope to add some cute dresses to my closet.

So tune in next week to see my first thrifted dress!

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  • Miss Gentle Nudge*

    Is it sad I’m more excited over the fact that you’re going to be posting for AT LEAST the next 6 months (even if it is AT LEAST only one post a month)?

    My hints are that you’re not allowed to stop blogging…ever…sorry it’s just not going to happen! You could be the new Julie from Julie and Julia…(the movie and the book about the cook/blogger). So really you could have a motion picture in the making and you shouldn’t stop…ok I’m done my rant and I know you’re back to writing so this has no ground I’m just tried and as you know I’ve had a stressful day haha.