Daily Junk*


This quite possibly be the longest I’ve ever gone without blogging! But seeing as I’m back in essay season (oh, the joy of summer school) I thought I’d jot down a few things in here. :)

To begin, I had a wonnnnnnderful 6 days at home over my birthday weekend. Having not been back to my parents home in almost 6 months, the hubs and I had a great time there–and the best part was, no one fought!!! We usually all pick on Teep and then he fights back, but now that he has a woman (she’s very cute and we all like her) he’s like a new man! It was great getting to see my family and not to have to make a rushed trip.

Other than that, my summer has been pretty quiet! I wake up, spend the morning with the hubs, then he’s gone to the university every day from about 2-10pm. I have alternating day/evening classes so I read a fair bit and waste glorious amounts of time on Facebook. I’ve also become hopelessly addicted to Alias, and if you haven’t seen it yet, you MUST. AH. I need to update my TV boyfriends… as my love has shifted onto new glorious TV men. haha!

As well, part of why this summer has been so great is that I met someone really cool! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I don’t make friends with girls very easily. I was always “one of the guys” and now that I’m married, I wanted to make some changes! Anyway, I met [Twin] in one of my classes, and it turns out that she’s like my clone. We have so much in common it’s out of control! It’s hilarious talking to her because we’re so alike… we even seem to be attracted to the same kind of person! It’s been really great getting to know her… she’s ridiculous fun and is making summer school so much more bearable. I’m keep you posted on all our Shopgirl & Twin adventures. haha

Mmmmm… what else is new. OH! Dog Lover and Spiritual Voice have set a wedding date… they’re planning on being married in the Toronto temple on September 15th. Pretty neat, eh? I’m so proud of my matchmaking skills. haha! As well, [Little G] and [Chic] are getting married in less than a month!! I’m absolutely floored at the number of people who are getting married this summer… not to mention the number of people who I just found out are pregnant! I really don’t feel old enough to know so many married people with kids. It’s so weird. haha

I think that’s all my big news… I’m finished school in 3 weeks and I am SOoooooooooo excited. I’ve already written 2 essays this weekend, and I have one more to complete by Friday. I’m writing about the history of railways in Britain, so at least it’s an interesting topic. So, that’s it for me… I’ll try not to be so long in between entries!

Shop Girl*

P.s. Ohh… one more thing… I GOT A MAC! I’m still not totally converted and my love for IBM remains unshaken, but it is pretty cool. It’s an eMac… and I call it Shmac. I heart it. :)

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