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Well, I just had a really crappy night in class (made bearable only by the presence of Twin and [Vibes] *and I will never explain why she gets that nickname… haha). So, I thought I’d do something that would make me feel better and update my TV boyfriend list! Over the past few months my affections have changed and I am no longer in love with Jack Bauer, Uncle Cooper or Gil Grissom so I feel as though it’s time to break up. Also, the O.C. has ended which means that there can be no more love between Seth Cohen and I. Sadly, that leaves only McDreamy, Lincoln and Jim–and what kind of a woman would I be if I only had 3 TV boyfriends??? So. I expanded my horizons and have found NEW loves!! They are:

Ant & Dec
(Anthony McPartlin & Declan Donnelly)
These are my British loves. I fell absolutely in love with them while watching Britain’s Got Talent this year… which is SO much better than the American version, just so you know. They are charming, witty, hilarious AND ridiculous, which is pretty much everything I look for in a TV man. I can’t love them separately though, only together.

Michael Vaughn

(Michael Vartan)

This is Michael. He is the handsome hero on Alias. He fights bad guys and loves Sydney. Need I say more?

That’s all for now… I’m still looking for more replacements. I’m actually really sad that I had to break up with Jack, but he cried too much this season. He was such a man before. *sigh*

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