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    My New Boyfriends*

    (image found at: I am seriously so full of glee right now. I mean, I love finding a new movie or TV show that I enjoy, but it’s rare for me to find one that I love. In the history of my TV career I have watched many, many different shows, and I can count the ones I really love on one hand: 1) Frasier2) Law & Order: Special Victims Unit3) Alias and now… 4) Glee Words cannot express how much I am loving this show. Like, the seven days between episodes is WAY too long. If you aren’t watching it yet, start now. RIGHT now. Here are two…

  • TV Boyfriends*

    New Boyfriends*

    Well, I just had a really crappy night in class (made bearable only by the presence of Twin and [Vibes] *and I will never explain why she gets that nickname… haha). So, I thought I’d do something that would make me feel better and update my TV boyfriend list! Over the past few months my affections have changed and I am no longer in love with Jack Bauer, Uncle Cooper or Gil Grissom so I feel as though it’s time to break up. Also, the O.C. has ended which means that there can be no more love between Seth Cohen and I. Sadly, that leaves only McDreamy, Lincoln and Jim–and…

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    Office Fan?

    I’ve recently become a rather large fan of the office, and feel it’s necessary to add Jim Halpert to my list of TV boyfriends. I heart Jim. I LOVE the ongoing feud between him and Dwight… it makes my heart glad. haha ANYWAY, if you are a fan of The Office, then you will LOVE this gem of a clip I found on the net of a future episode. It’s AMAZING. Go. Watch. Love. Dwight Halpert Shop Girl*

  • TV Boyfriends*

    My TV Boyfriends*

    So even though I am a very happily married woman, I think every girl should be allowed a few TV boyfriends. I was actually inspired from a friend’s blog and wanted to share my all my TV men with you. They are in no particular order, they are just wonderful wonderful characters on some of my favourite TV shows!! So without further ado, voila: Seth Cohen(Adam Brody)Why you should love him:I think it’s fairly impossible not to love Seth. He is funny, charming, geeky, clumsy and absolutely head over heels for Summer, which is all together toooo cute. He’s pretty much why I watch the O.C. haha Why you shouldn’t:There…