Keeping It Real

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    I was not a great mom today.

    I was up most of the night with W, and spent most of my day here, holding a fussy baby who would not nap for more than 30 minutes at a time. I was beyond exhausted, and I swear the big kids were operating at their loudest levels possible in every game they played today. The bickering felt never ending and if W wasn’t crying, someone else definitely was. (Myself included.) The kids had a lot of screen time today. Pretty sure they ate a lot of sugar too. And I definitely yelled a lot more than I like to. By 7:30pm I was just… done. I put them all…

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    Please Cut My Hair

    You know my catch phrase is “keep it real”. So, lemme just take you through this morning. I just told my sister and I cannot stop laughing. The fact that she keeps sending me memes isn’t helping, but here we go. I told you all last night that I was finally, FINALLY getting my hair cut this morning. My last appointment was cancelled the DAY BEFORE due to the lockdown. It was brutal. As things were opening up again, I reached out to a local independent stylist in my community. I booked an appointment for 9:30am this morning. I didn’t say a word about it until 10pm last night because…