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Please Cut My Hair

You know my catch phrase is “keep it real”.

So, lemme just take you through this morning. I just told my sister and I cannot stop laughing. The fact that she keeps sending me memes isn’t helping, but here we go.

I told you all last night that I was finally, FINALLY getting my hair cut this morning. My last appointment was cancelled the DAY BEFORE due to the lockdown. It was brutal.

As things were opening up again, I reached out to a local independent stylist in my community. I booked an appointment for 9:30am this morning. I didn’t say a word about it until 10pm last night because I am ridiculous and was sure I’d somehow jinx it.

Well, GUESS WHO WAS RIGHT?! (Lolsob)

I got up at 6am this morning so that I could be sure to have enough time to shower, get ready, get breakfast, feed W and do all the unexpected things that would pop up before I needed to leave for my appointment.

I did all the things. I was SO ready.

I was NOT ready to get message from my stylist at 8am, apologizing that she needed to cancel my appointment.

I can’t blame her. She woke up not feeling well and gave me as much notice as she could.

It’s not her fault that the universe wants me to have long polygamist hair. At this point I might just give in and put up the poof.

As I was trying to sort that out, our toaster broke. Because… today.

Then, as I was texting my sister about my canceled hair appointment and busted toaster, H called down from our balcony.

H: “Mom, there’s something wrong with the toilet…”

The “something wrong” was that he clogged it. Then tried to flush it.

We very nearly could have added “indoor waterfall” to our list of things to do in our house and NOT THE GOOD KIND.


It’s not even 9am. My very supportive sister laughed her head off as I regaled her with my woes and I was giggling so hard I almost woke W.

Life happens. Sometimes it’s a calamity of errors and all you can do is laugh.

There is a bright spot: my hair is now so long that it can double as a nursing cover. So, you know,

There’s that. 😂

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