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The Last Night*

We are finally getting close to the end of our bedroom reno.

We’ve been cozy downstairs in our spare bedroom for the last two weeks, but it’s still not “our bed” so we haven’t been sleeping as well as we normally do. Instead of just my ninja roll out out of our bed, I now have to creep up the creaking basement stairs every time I have to go in with the kids or use the bathroom, and I think I wake M up a lot. (Sorry, love!) This morning he woke up super early and couldn’t get back to sleep, so when I got up at 6am for work I found him on his hands and knees in our bedroom, caulking the trim he installed last night.

When we started the reno he made an organized task list with daily items to complete to keep us on schedule. We both stay more focused when we are checking items off a list, and there have been many evenings where we probably would have just collapsed on the couch in exhaustion after work + getting the kids to bed if we didn’t know we had something to complete. Last week our evenings were full of sanding walls and painting, this week it was painting, installing and caulking trim and repairing patches in the carpet. Tonight we rented a carpet cleaner and cleaned the floor–the last step before we’re able to move our bed back in.

The room isn’t quite finished yet–we need to put the ceiling fan back up, install the new closet, paint + install crown moulding, build our dresser, paint the trim around the doors and paint the door itself, but it’s all things that can be done after the fact. I have every finger and every toe crossed that I will be back sleeping in my own bed again tomorrow night. I worked four days in a row this week, so cleaning the carpet tonight was about the last thing that I wanted to do at 8pm… but that is how motivated I am to get my bed back. I am “clean carpets after working this morning, picking up S from school sick, making dinner, cutting H’s hair while he cried and moaned, bathing all the kids while M went to rent the carpet cleaner” motivated.

Also, I’m exhausted.

My back has been tight all day, and as I was using the carpet cleaner I felt my hips start to go. There was no way I was stopping though, so I powered through and finished, and I’m now rocking one hip considerably higher than the other. Oh well. I already have an appointment with my Osteopath booked this week, and he can shake his head at me, scold me for not doing my exercises as often as I should, and make it right again. (Osteopaths are magical.)

Now I’ve crashed on the couch next to a pile of super hero toys and H’s lunch bag, which I have absolutely no desire to clean up. I think tonight is going to be a “shut the lights off and pretend the mess isn’t there” night… and I’m totally okay with it.

I need chocolate.

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