Complaining about something*

There Is No Title For This*

Tonight is the first time in since starting this writing challenge that I really feel like I have nothing left and am struggling to write. I’m exhausted. M & I have been on the go since around 6:30am, and we are only now just sitting down for a break.

I was supposed to go and participate in a church activity as part of our semi-annual General Conference…. But as we finally sat down to dinner at 6pm and I realized that I was supposed to leave in an hour, it came down to going to watch conference, or getting our bed together so that we can sleep in our room tonight.

I chose my bed.

The kids went to a swimming party today and needed baths, the bedroom needed putting together, the dishes needed to be done, the living room floor needed to be found, and the carpet cleaner needed to be returned to the store. I just couldn’t in good conscience leave all that for M to do alone while I waltzed out the door, so I stayed home. I know it was the right call, but I feel bad that I missed it.

Also, my hips are still out and my back is so sore.

But tonight, after two weeks of work, I can crawl into my own bed.

I’m excited.

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