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Bathroom Doors and Visits with Grandma*

Well, that was a bit of an unintended break.

For the last several weeks, my “free time” has been poured into our upstairs bathroom. When we moved into our little home, we knew we eventually wanted to paint it, but it wasn’t a priority so we just lived with what was there.

Then we found mold under the bathtub tiles…

…and thus began the big bathroom overhaul.

We’ve been slowly picking at it over the last year and a half as there were a ton of projects that needed to be done. The Hubster first spent a week living in the tub as he gutted it right down to the brick to remove the mold. It was a gross, dirty job but the end result was a beautifully tiled bathtub that we like so much better.

Once we got started, we picked at a new project every few weeks. We replaced a window, added new the fixtures, wired in a new light, smoothed walls, and replaced the sink, and then finally–it was time to paint.

We reeeeeeeally procrastinated painting as neither one of us loves to do it, but we set a goal to have the bathroom completely finished before his mother came to visit in December.

We started painting in late October, but it was a slow process. The idiots owners that lived here before us didn’t do anything properly and slapped paint over everything to cover it up.


They painted over handles, hinges, light switch and outlet covers–you name it, and it had about three coats of paint on it. Once we started we decided to fix all the little things and get it over with once. Unfortunately that meant pulling off our bathroom doors so we could repair, sand, prime and paint them.

We took them down on a Friday night. When they came off I naively thought we could have them back up by Monday.


I forgot to figure in that we have a busy toddler, that I’m pregnant, and that Saturdays in our household tend to be insane as we catch up from the week.

Several repairs, primer + two coats of paint (multiplied by two for both sides of each door) and two weeks later, we finally got the doors back on–four days before his mom flew in.

Then it was several evenings of sanding and painting trim, scraping paint off the floor, caulking and cleaning… but we got it done. There are still a million small things that need to be finished or touched up, but the bathroom is mostly done. We still have plans to replace the vanity, but that’s one of those “someday” projects we dream about down the line.

You know, when being in that bathroom doesn’t make us feel completely exhausted anymore. haha!

I’m actually really happy with how it has turned out, and I’m really glad we had a date that we could work towards. It helped me stay motivated to finish things, as I felt that having doors on our bathroom while having one of our favourite guests in the house was, you know, kind of important.

So, that’s where I’ve been. In the bathroom. We finished it the night before “Grandmam” flew in, and then we enjoyed a whirlwind visit with her. It was so cute to see Ruby with her–they were BFFs within five minutes and she was so sad to see her Grandma go. Luckily we have a pretty good excuse for her to come back and visit us soon… hopefully in 10 weeks or so! :)

I’m ready to take a small time out from our house projects over Christmas, then it will be time to focus on creating a space for our little peanut who is coming SO soon. I realized today that I only have five weeks of work left. How is that even possible?

Anyway, there are chocolate chip cookies that will undoubtedly give me wicked heartburn waiting for me in the kitchen, so I must indulge.

The peanut insists. (He seems to love chocolate too… we are going to get along marvelously.)

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  • pinkflipflops44

    yay. new bathrooms are so much fun! it takes us forever to get projects done because we are so not handy that we have to hire it out so it is done the right way. since we’ve owned our house in 2006 we’ve had a remodel in the kitchen where we still need to paint (oops), get a new fridge and new flooring. both bathrooms have been redone, our laundry room got new floor and now we are waiting to get our ceilings fixed. fun times. I really want new flooring upstairs as well.