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Hockey Night*

I like Saturday nights.

Our Saturday night routine may not seem terribly glamorous or exciting to anyone else, but it’s kind of my favourite.

Since I went back to work, Saturday has become our “catch-up” day. It’s typically the day that we plow through the mountain of laundry that has accumulated through the week (that I’ve been too tired after work to do), run all our errands, get groceries, and try and clean the house up a little.

By 5pm I’m usually completely spent and am ready to put my feet up for the night. Dinners on Saturday are usually pretty simple, then we toss Ruby in the tub and let her be the Kraken until the water turns cold.

Then, it’s hockey time. The Hubster and I curl up on the couch to watch Hockey Night in Canada, and Ruby often quietly plays with her toys until we bring her up to bed during the first intermission. She usually conks right out after our busy day, and the Hubster and I get the rest of the evening to sit together on the couch to watch the game together.

After a long work week and whirlwind day, I am usually dying for a little hockey and an evening with my feet up. This week I have needed it more than ever. We spent most of last weekend traveling to visit the Hubster’s family. It was wonderful to see everyone, but we were all exhausted by Sunday night.

…which was when the Hubster came down with the world’s worst flu bug. We went to bed early, but by midnight he was so sick. I was up with him through most of the night. By morning he was through the worst of it (thankfully), but he has been sick all week. He was off work for several days, and today has really been the first day where it seems like he’s finally through it. It hasn’t hit me at all (knock on wood) though there were a couple of days where I was quite worried that Ruby was headed down the same path. So far she has only exhibited a few of the symptoms, and I’m really, really hoping it’s more related to teeth than flu.

I haven’t been sleeping very well, and that combined with the return of monstrous heartburn left me feeling pretty burnt out this week. So, it feels absolutely lovely to have a quiet evening at home. My house is a bit of a mess and I have a ton of marking and prep to to for work, but it can wait.

I have my mostly healthy Hubster here with me, and the Leafs are beating the pants off the Blackhawks.

Life is good.

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