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Long Weekend: Travel Report*

This post is coming to you from the Great White North!

After a long eight hour trip, we arrived at my Grammy’s just before dinner on Friday. Ruby was a champ in the car–she watched the Wiggles, played with her toys and snacked and only fussed when she was ready to have a nap.

However, when we finally got out of the car, she ran non-stop for three hours until she crashed at 7:30. I followed her into bed not long after.

We woke up yesterday to some lovely northern weather–when we left the city, it was humid and hot. I’m pretty sure the temperature was hovering around or above 30 degrees. Here it was a balmy 6 degrees… thank goodness I brought jeans. We spent the day chasing after my child who would. not. stop. running.


She was so curious about her new surroundings that she was like a little ping pong ball, flying from one side of the house to the other as she noticed something new to explore. Or climb on. Or crawl under. Or slip behind.

Grammy’s house is apparently very exciting.

We finally brought her down to the park to let her run and wear off some of her energy, and by 7pm she was begging me to go to bed.

(I happily obliged.)

Today we went to church in my old ward where I grew up, and it was lovely to see so many faces that I recognized from when we lived here. Ruby finally adapted to her new surroundings and has been napping blissfully for the last two hours.

It has been lovely to finally have a bit of a break–traveling with  a toddler is tiring. Traveling with my busy toddler sans the Hubster is exhausting. This is the first time I’ve gone on a big trip somewhere without the Hubster or my parents. Thankfully Spart and Doodle are here with me to help out, but it has been busy, busy, busy.


I love coming back to this house. I spent so much of my childhood and teenage years here, and have so many happy memories tied up in each room. My childhood home has been sold and and changed by the new family that lives there, but for the most part, this house remains just as I remember it.

And I love that.

There are things that feel a little strange now, though. When I used to come “home”, I couldn’t go out anywhere without bumping into someone that I knew. It’s one of the things I miss most now that I live down south–we now live in a much bigger city and it’s rare to bump into a familiar face.

Now when I go out here, it feels a little like it does down south. Everyone is so friendly and nice, but most of the people I knew have moved away and I rarely have those chance meetings in the grocery store or at the mall. I really miss that. I miss seeing bumping into people at every corner.

But, c’est la vie.

Tomorrow morning we’ll pack everything back into the car and begin our trek south. I still haven’t heard a peep about my interview on Thursday, and I don’t know what to think. They told me they would let me know that same day–at the latest by Friday–and yet there has been no word. Even though I felt good about the interview, I’m fairly certain I didn’t get the job… but a confirmation either way would be nice.

Either way, I don’t think I’ll be disappointed. The more I think about it, the more supply teaching appeals to me right now. It means I’ll get to visit some friends at schools that I love, and there will be absolutely no marking.
So, for tonight: we party. It’s Spart’s birthday and we’re going to celebrate our last night in the north in style. There are red velvet brownies cooling on the stove, and this peanut growing inside me may need poutine before we leave.
(Who am I to deny my child what it needs to survive? ha)
I hope you’re all enjoying a lovely long weekend wherever you are! xo
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  • Date Girl

    wow! Sounds exhausting, but what a champ in the car! I can’t believe how big she is. Time flies! I think sub teaching seems like a great option. More time at home right?