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Well, this morning I finally heard back about my interview last Thursday.

That was certainly the longest wait I’ve ever had to wait for a response, and it was as I expected–I didn’t get the job. I was beginning to think that I wouldn’t hear anything at all, which left me a little concerned that I had completely bombed the interview.

As in, I was so terrible that the school didn’t even want to waste time calling me to tell me I didn’t have the job.

(My imagination is vicious.)

Usually when a school calls to tell you that you were not the successful candidate for a position, they can’t get off the phone fast enough. Case in point: the last principal wouldn’t even offer me any feedback, and instead told me to come in and make an appointment. ha

So, as soon as the vice principal told me that I didn’t have the job, I expected the conversation to end. However, he then told me that he wanted to make sure that I knew that I had interviewed very well and that they had liked me. He also wanted to let me know that they were expecting to post a few more LTOs in the near future and that they wanted me to apply.

So, I guess I didn’t completely bomb the interview. :)

It is a little frustrating to hear that you’ve done well, but that the job went to someone with more experience. I know that eventually I’ll be that person with more experience, but it sometimes feels like a long, long wait.


It’s a little disappointing, but I’m still not devastated. I’m actually quite happy about the prospect of supply (substitute) teaching this semester… I just hope it’s busy.

We finally have childcare for Ruby nailed down, and I’m already thinking about projects that I want to complete before this little peanut arrives in February.

Painting! Basement! Organizing! Cooking! Christmas presents!

Most of all, I’m really looking forward to having some time with my family. I love teaching, but it is so busy. There were days when I didn’t get home before Ruby went to bed, and my weekends were often full of marking.

So, instead of being in a classroom today, I am hanging out with my bean. We have big plans to get groceries, work on transforming my microwave stand in the kitchen, and then going out to watch the Hubster play baseball.

Life is good.

And maybe I’ll get a supply call tomorrow. :)

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