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Over or Under?


This post is coming to you from beautiful Prince Edward Island!

The Hubster, Wee-bean and I packed our lives into three duffle bags and flew across the country to spend a week with the Hubster’s parents (aka: Grandmam and Grandad). It was Ruby’s first time on a plane and she did SO well. There were no tears–just lots of monkey-like climbing as she tried to say hello to every single person on the plane.

It feels lovely to be on vacation. Grandmam and Grandad have a beautiful home in the country and it is so scenic. We are surrounded by farmer’s fields that stretch for miles until the reach the ocean–which you can catch a glimpse of from their lovely wrap-around deck.


I can always tell when I’m completely relaxed because I start thinking about strange things that I can only attribute to my vacation state of mind.

For example: last night, I caught myself having dwelling on a very complicated issue. I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth, and I glanced over at the toilet paper. In my home, I always put the toilet paper rolls with the strip hanging over the top of the roll.

Here, I noticed that the Hubster’s mom put the roll with the strip hanging under.

This perplexed me.

I’ve always put the roll with the strip over the top because in my brain, it just feels right. But am I doing it wrong? Is there an advantage to putting the roll with the strip under?

Am I breaking a crucial rule of toilet paper etiquette?

(See? Vacation thoughts. Bizarre.)

In your house, do you go over or under?

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  • Miss Gentle Nudge*

    Sooo this is not just a vacation brain thing, I think about this every time I’m at someone’s house if they’re doing it wrong (in my mind). I’m an over girl and last month when I was back home I was appalled when I noticed my mom had not only had it under, but had changed it BACK to being under after I changed it to being over. I asked her about it in the morning saying something like “for 26 years you’ve had it over, and taught me that and now you changed it!?!??!” She explained that while she still believed it was the proper way, she had recently read that sailors keep it under since you use less paper that way. On average you use like 3 less pieces or something like that? So there you have it..apparently it’s better for the environment and your pocket book to have it under…but I still keep it over!