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I Heart Vacation*

Ah, vacation. It’s been positively lovely.

We’ve spent a wonderful week with the Hubster’s parents, and are gearing up for our last full day on the island tomorrow. The Hubster has plans to go deep sea fishing in the morning, then I think we’ll do a little more exploring around Cavendish before we pack our bags.

It really is very peaceful here. After spending years living so close to Toronto, it amazes me to see so much… space. There are acres and acres of green land without new subdivisions of skinny, tall townhouses being built. You can look around and just see trees and fields forever.

Until you hit the ocean. Which is also incredible.

We had one beautiful, hot day and we took Ruby to the beach for her first dip in the ocean. I was curious to see what she’d be like as she was terrified of the water at the lake on our visit to see friends at their cottage.

She was a little nervous at first, but after a few minutes she plunged right in and then we couldn’t get her out. She and her dad had a glorious time running through the waves.


Who needs roller coasters when you’ve got Dad’s shoulders?

We also took her to a little play place called “Santa’s Woods”. It was a little ghetto, and some of the 1980s toys and decorations that had obviously never been replaced were a little scary, but Ruby loved it. They had slides and toys that were just her size, a giant play pen full of balls, and lots of room to run and explore. She was totally in her element and loved every minute.

Yesterday the Hubster and his dad went out kayaking in a little cove, and we spent the afternoon exploring the harbour in Charlottetown. We’ve had raspberry cordial, chocolate covered potato chips, and Cows ice cream.


Most of today was spent at home. After a busy week, we all crashed after church and enjoyed a lovely, lovely two-hour nap.

A vacation wouldn’t really be complete without a good nap day to recharge. :)

We will certainly be sad to go, but we’re looking forward to one more day together as a family.

And for one more day of Cows ice cream. (ha)

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