Exciting News*

Sometimes Math is Fun*

Well, I’ve been busting to tell you guys something for a little while now… and since the family knows and it’s now on Facebook (which really makes everything “official”), I can finally tell you: I like math!

As someone who finished grade 11 math with a 65% average and saw this as a major accomplishment, it’s very exciting.

I guess I should be a little more specific. I like THIS math:



Baby #2 is well on his / her way. I’m just about through my first trimester, and since our families now know and I no longer feel vomitous all the time, we decided to spill the beans.

And such glorious beans they are. :)

So, we’re thrilled. I’m even more thrilled now that I’m feeling a bit better. This pregnancy has been completely different from my last. With Ruby I remember having a bit of manageable nausea and a few food aversions, but nothing major.

This time? Not so much.

It was like I was hit with a constant, never-ending flu that was all kinds of not-fun. Thankfully it didn’t last forever and food is beginning to look appealing again.

Because I really, really like eating.

So our little peanut is set to arrive at the end of February–just after Ruby’s 2nd birthday. We figured it would be a lovely birthday present. :)

So, that’s my big news. Sometimes math is fun. Who knew?

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