Complaining about something*


Remember that scene from Arachnophobia where the doctor comes home and finds the spiders crawling all over his walls?

Let me help:


Yeah. Gross, right? I hate spiders, but love the film–and that scene gives me the creepy crawlies every single time I watch it. It’s gross, but because I know it’s a cheesy 1990’s movie I can handle it.


…sort of.

So, I’ve had the flu. Sunday was awful, yesterday was mildly better, and today I hoped it was gone–only to be beaten back down again by a new wave of symptoms. Despite this, much of my energy is back and I decided to actually attempt making dinner tonight.

I haven’t really been in the kitchen much the past few days. Aside from the occasional pilgrimage to the fridge to refill my apply juice cup or get a new can of gingerale, my time there has been limited.

Today I decided to remedy that. I pulled out some ribs from my freezer, and prepared some broccoli and potatoes to go with it. As I was waiting for my oven to preheat, I was wandering in and out of the kitchen watching the news on TV. On one of my trips back in I happened to look up.

I noticed several little spots along the edge of my ceiling, so I decided to take a closer look.

That’s when I realized that they were all moving.

I jumped back and surveyed my whole kitchen ceiling–there were approximately 50 visible spiders crawling across it. Apparently a spider laid an egg sack above my new kitchen cupboards and they had just hatched and come out for a stroll.

Thankfully the Hubster was home, and he came to my rescue with our spider gun: the vacuum. He extended the hose and killed / sucked them all up while I pointed from a distance. After he had removed all the ones we could find (including the ones that were crawling all over my pretty curtains) he retreated to the office while I finished preparing dinner.

Before the timer went, I think I took out another 10 – 15 spiders.

Granted, they weren’t nearly as big (or deadly / cheesy) as the ones seen in the film, but it still completely grossed me out. Tomorrow my house will undergo a deep, deep clean. As far as I’m concerned, spiders are trespassing on my property and I will use deadly force.

I’ve checked the ceiling constantly all night, and I haven’t seen any more since my last attack with the vaccuum.

I’ll keep you posted.


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  • Faith McCrady

    Ewww!!!  I feel for you.  That’s what I felt like for a month last year during earwig season.  Our house was completely overrun.  I had earwigs crawling out of my sink while I was brushing my teeth, it was so bad.  For months afterwards I was still checking every single lint ball up close to make sure it wasn’t an insect.  And when your husband wears black socks and your vacuum cleaner is busted, there are a LOT of lint balls.  Thank heavens this year is a lot better. 

  • Julie Brown

    watch out to make sure they don’t camp out in your vacuum … I’ve heard of some bugs not dying and coming out later on when the vacuum’s off.  

  • Shop Girl*

    Ooooh I hate earwigs!! We had those in our last apartment and I thought I was going to die. As much as I hate spiders, I’d take them over earwigs any day of the week.

    I’m glad they’re not as bad for you this year!!

  • Teacher Girl

    Ah gross! I made the mistake of watching the Animal Planet show “Infested” the other day and I almost died. Do NOT watch it! The house with the spider infestation was awful. Glad you got them!

  • Date Girl

    UGH I hate spiders! They are definitely trespassing and deadly force is completely acceptable. I attack them with our swiffer because I like to make sure they go SPLAT.
    When I lived alone years ago, I came across a wolf spider in my living room! Google it, they are as big as tarantulas. Both me and my dog freaked out. I vacuumed it up with my old school vac, screaming the entire time. It was traumatizing!

  • Anonymous

    THAT IS TERRIBLE. Just terrible. My life would be ruined. In one week we had ants in our living room, an earwig in the shower, and a fast running spider on our bedroom ceiling. I walked into every room suspiciously.