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The Jewelry Dish: Part Two*

**Just a quick heads up–tomorrow my Summer of Dresses Project officially begins! I’m SO excited to introduce you to Joanna and her fabulous dress!! Be excited!!


A little over a week ago I showed you my solution I had found for my jewelry mess–the beautiful glass bowl that I found for an unbelievable deal. While I do love the bowl, it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for when I came to my collection of dangly earrings.

I just happened to have some free time after book club on Saturday, so after spending a week stuck in my bed with the flu, I felt that I deserved a little “me time” to check out my fav thrift stores! I’ve been hunting for some vintage glass orange juice pitchers (ones with lids are almost impossible to find), so I started off in the dishes and glassware section at Salvation Army.

It was a total bust. I normally luck out at mine, but I left without making a single purchase.

Not to be deterred, I decided to head over to Value Village before heading home. I didn’t find the pitcher I wanted… BUT, I did find the exact tray that I was originally looking for to hold my jewelry for four dollars!!! I’m such a loser that I actually gasped out loud when I found it and threw it in my cart.


(**Note: Again, sorry for the terrible blackberry camera quality– we still haven’t been able to replace our camera. Also, I am rapidly running out of surfaces on which I can take photos as everything is covered in boxes! So, here is my bed. haha)

I’m not sure if you can see it here, but the tray itself is engraved with beautiful detail. SO pretty!

It’s not a fully sized cupcake tray, but rather a miniature candy tray, which is perfect for what I need!

It holds my dangly earrings, my studs and hoops AND my bracelets! The piece attached to the top is actually my mother’s charm bracelet from when she was a teenager. It’s one of my absolute favourite pieces–I’m so glad that she kept it!

I still love my glass bowl, but I have another idea for it. When we get into the new house I’ll show you!!

Of the two jewelry solutions, which do you like better? The glass bowl or the dessert tray?

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  • julie--burnett

    i kind of like the bowl better… where did you find it? i kind of want one!
    p.s. if you’re still looking for guest bloggers for dresses i’d be willing to give it a go :)

  • Jeweldivas

    It’s fine if you don’t have much jewellery. I was at that stage once…..about 20 years ago. Now I have massive amounts of jewelery, being a designer, and so use zip lock bags and a 5 drawer storage unit. And that isn’t all the jewellery I have, yikes!