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Today I did the dishes (all of them) and it felt like a major accomplishment.


Is this what my life has become? It feels like the same cycle over and over and over…. wake up. Get Ready. Go to work. Come home. Unwind for 5 minutes. Make Dinner. Work on course. Sleep.


I think I’m just ready for my course to be finished. I only have a few weeks left, and I’m struggling to keep up with the momentum it’s pushing forward. It doesn’t help that the move is consuming almost all of my thoughts (exciting!!!!!!!!), and that I’d much rather be packing, planning and shopping for the new house than developing professional development resources for my colleagues.

Also, it was 21°C today. AH! It was so beautiful out… and I had no time to go enjoy it. Did I tell you that I just bought a new bike?

(I just bought a new bike!)

Actually, my new lovely bicyclette is already 10 days old and I haven’t even had a chance to take it out for a spin yet. Mind you, the death flu of last week didn’t help at all.. but today would have been perfect.

Alas, there just wasn’t time.

Because instead of biking, I did dishes. And laundry. And groceries, now that I think about it.

When did I become so boring?

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  • Karen Peterson

    Did you become boring or did you become a grown up? Or are grown ups boring?

    Anyway, the course will be over soon and you can celebrate in your very own house!!

  • Teachergirlblogs

    This is literally exactly what I wanted to say. Adulthood is like that. I think it gets even “worse” when you have kids. I am not a mom yet obviously but I see it happening in my friends. Life is hard, but you work for those moments that take your breath away. Congrats on the bike! ;)

  • Shop Girl*

    *sigh* I know. I think I’m just rebelling against the transition into adulthood. Sometimes I miss being able to shirk all my responsibilities and go out, or stay up late and not have to worry about work in the morning…

    Sometimes I think I just miss the freedom of being a university student!