Summer of Dresses*

A Summer of Dresses: Joanna*

Hi Lovelies!!

I am SO excited that my Summer of Dresses* project is underway!! If you’re interested in showing off your favourite dress and becoming a guest blogger, please let me know! Send me an email or leave a comment and I’ll get back to you! :)

And so, without any further ado… I give you the oh-so-lovely Joanna! Let the Summer of Dresses begin!!


Hey guys, I’m Joanna and I’m so glad to be here at I Heart My Shoes ’cause guess what, I really like shoes too!
I mean really.
Especially boots! I don’t think I’ve met a pair I don’t like.
And I own waaay too many.
Although, can you really have too many shoes?
Sorry, I digress.

Anyway, I write a little blog called Modamama all about life, being a young mom, and my many fashion misadventures.  And I was honored to be asked to write about my favorite dress.  So without further ado, here it is.

If there was a fire and I could only save one dress, this would be the one. *though why am I saving a dress of all things in this hypothetical fire, I don’t know* Considering I have about 90 or so dresses, calling this my favorite says a lot.   It was a purchase I made in Barcelona during my three months of bumming around Europe.  When I saw it, I immediately fell in love.  The bright colors and the bold pattern make it a dramatic dress to wear, and the little ruffle on the bottom add a flirty, feminine feel that I just love.  But more than that, I dragged this dress to many a Spanish beach, and to so many wonderfully decadent dinners with my husband that now those memories are ingrained into the very fabric of the dress itself.  When I wear it, I can almost smell the salty ocean and taste the fresh seafood.  It’s wonderful when a piece of clothing can transport you into another time and place like that.

Since there’s so many beautiful memories attached to this dress for both myself and Husband, it was fitting that I wore it to take him out for a birthday meal.  The weather wasn’t so nice that day, so I styled it with a pair of fabulous boots *what else?* and a boyfriend blazer.  I like to have contrast and dichotomy in my outfits; so pairing a feminine dress with a masculine blazer was right up my alley.  Now, I often wear a belt with a dress, but the fabric here is so soft and falls so well that I didn’t want to mess with the silhoutte at all.  And I also didn’t want to break the flow of the pattern.   I enjoy just showing off the dress without getting in it’s way.

Stop by my blog anytime to see what other things I’m wearing and writing about and we’ll chat.  Thanks so much!


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