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It’s almost that time again: the dreaded yearly check-up.

For the last six years I’ve made my yearly pilgrimage to the doctor’s office for a physical and other lovely exams that shall remain nameless.

I don’t know why, but I’ve never felt comfortable in a doctor’s office. I’ve never had a “bad” experience so I’m not entirely sure where it comes from. We had a wonderful family doctor in the Great White North, though once we moved south it was several years between visits.

As I entered my twenties, I knew a general check-up was in order. Luckily, our university campus had very nice doctors that were always on staff, and many of them were female. I went to the university clinic for four years before finally graduating and moving away.

After we moved to Pretty City, finding a doctor was the furthest thing from my mind. Actually, until I knew it was time for a physical I hadn’t even considered where I would go. Going to the doctor at our university was so easy–make an appointment, go in, go out.

Last year I ended up just going to a walk-in clinic, and I wasn’t thrilled with the experience. Not only was the doctor a man I didn’t know, it just wasn’t… comfortable, and there was no guarantee that I could see the same doctor the following year. I need a doctor that I can stick with.

But how do I find a doctor in the “real world”?

I’ve been putting this off for months, and I know it’s time for me to start looking. I’d like to get in somewhere before the end of March, and I have no idea how long this process takes. I was ready to just open the phonebook and start calling every number… but the Hubs and I came up with two options to try first.

First, I did what any good internetaholic would do: I asked the question on my facebook. I’m friends with several people who have lived in this area for some time, and I hoped that one might know of a doctor who was accepting new patients. I would much prefer going to a doctor that someone I know trusts and likes. Luckily, more than one person offered to help, and a friend of mine gave me the name and number of her daughter’s doctor who just happens to be taking on new patients.

The Hubster also tracked down the Health Care Connect website for me and I registered tonight. He had read about it a while ago on Reddit, and mentioned it to me when I told him that I was earnestly looking for a doctor. I’m not entirely sure how it’s going to work, but basically all you do is fill in your information, then they help you find a health care provider in your area. So we’ll see how it goes!

I’m hoping that something will pan out and that I’ll be able to get in somewhere before spring. I’ll keep you posted on my doctor search, and if you have any other suggestions for me I’d love to hear them!

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  • Date Girl

    Ugh, I hate going to the doctor’s office. I don’t mind having different doctors, but I refuse to have a male doctor for my lady bits. To me, they just won’t understand if I have an issue. Plus I’ve had a pelvic exam by a male doctor once with large hands, and I’m telling you girl, I was sore for days! Ewww. Never again. never again.

  • Shop Girl*

    I had a male doctor last year, and like I said, it wasn’t my fav. But I didn’t have a choice… it was that or nothing! That’s why I’d love to find a regular doctor that I can go see! :)

  • Teacher Girl

    I don’t know how this works up in Canada cuz in the states, you pretty much just find a doctor through your health insurance and it has to be one that takes your company, blah, blah, blah. My work switched insurance companies last Jan and my primary doctor didn’t take the new insurance. I had to go through much of the same thing, but my gyno finally recommended a new doc that takes me insurance. I saw her Monday and she was great. Good luck! Wise decision to ask the FB friends. Referrals are the best way to find a new doctor I think.

  • Shop Girl*

    Well, we don’t have medical insurance up here so we’re kind of on our own! Our health care is free (sort of) and unless you have a family doctor through your parents, you’re kind of on your own to try and track one down. Unfortunately there is a huge shortage and it’s very difficult to find one that is taking on new patients! I’m just hoping that one of the leads I have pans out. :)