Shop Girl Shares*

My Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress & My Favourite Bathroom Prank*

After a very long hiatus, I’ve decided I’m going to try and start up my Shop Girl Shares posts again every Monday. There are simply too many good things out there that I’m dying to share with you. Capiche?

1) My Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress


Meet Kevin. Last year Kevin’s marriage ended and his wife of 12 years packed up her things and moved out, leaving only one thing behind on her side of the closet: her wedding dress. Kevin asked her what he should do with it, and her response was “whatever the (*insert explicative here*) you want.”

…so he did.

He’s now taken on the task of trying to find 101 uses for the dress, like flossing, a hammock, kitty little liner, and above (my favourite) the scarecrow. It’s his own form of therapy as he deals with the divorce, and as she wanted absolutely nothing to do with the dress, I think it’s absolutely hilarious. He’s actually quite creative–who knew a wedding dress was good for so many things? ;)

2) Funny Bathroom Prank

I don’t even know if this video needs an introduction… it’s quite possibly the BEST bathroom prank that I have ever seen. I already had a fear of port-a-pottys before seeing this, and now I don’t think I could ever use one… I mean, if they have the teleportation abilities, then that’s just too much for me… hahaha

AMAZING. How confused would you be?!?! Haha!

Until next week, lovelies!

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