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    Does Your Man Look Like This?

    …no, but he could SMELL like this! I found a new Old Spice commercial today and ladies, it is almost better that the first. SWAN DIVE. I love this man. (Not like I love the Hubster, but you know. haha)

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    Donny Osmond + Weird Al = MAGIC*

    This week I learned something very important: I love vacations! The Hubster and I are enjoying some time off, and as soon as I decide I’m off my vacation I promise to write and tell you allll about my lovely 25th birthday (Sunday), but as I’m still in my birthday week until Saturday I can’t just yet. Ha. I love birthday weeks. The Hubster and his mom are spoiling me rotten. I’ve already had Cows ice cream TWICE this week. Should we round it out to a nice even three? (I think yes. Wowwy Cowwy and Moo York Cheesecake ice cream has changed my life.) In the meantime, I thought…

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    My lovelies, I’m upset. I do this EVERY time. Really, I should have learned my lesson a long time ago, but I keep getting sucked in and repeating the same mistakes. But I’m getting ahead of myself here. Let me explain… My life has changed a lot in the past month. Becoming a supply teacher has been amazing for so many reasons, but one of the things I love most about this job (besides the paycheck) is that I suddenly have all this time to read. For those outside the teaching world, most high school teachers teach three periods a day, with the fourth designated as a “prep” period for…

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    The One Where A Kid Dives Out A Window*

    So. In my ravings about being sick I casually mentioned that I’ve learned that supply teaching isn’t always sunshine and roses. My lovelies, it’s time to tell you a story… As you know, I spent nearly a week rocking a sexy man-voice and death cough. The combination of the two left me with a raspy whisper of a voice that rendered me incapable of speaking loudly or raising my voice at all as the strain would send me into a violent round of barking (aka: the death cough). By the end of the weekend I already had two days of teaching booked, and I was a little apprehensive about it.…

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    The Super Sickness*

    It finally happened. I avoided it alllllll winter, and even survived the spring allergy season before a sickness of proportions I haven’t known since my camp counselor days slammed my body into utter submission. Oh my lovelies, it was bad. Last Friday I noticed a little tickle in my throat while I was teaching. My throat felt a bit sore, but I didn’t think it was anything to be concerned about. By Friday night it hurt. I knew I had to nip this thing in the bud so I downed some no-name cough syrup and started on Vitamin C and Salt & Vinegar chips like it was nobody’s business. I…