Donny Osmond + Weird Al = MAGIC*

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This week I learned something very important: I love vacations! The Hubster and I are enjoying some time off, and as soon as I decide I’m off my vacation I promise to write and tell you allll about my lovely 25th birthday (Sunday), but as I’m still in my birthday week until Saturday I can’t just yet.

Ha. I love birthday weeks. The Hubster and his mom are spoiling me rotten. I’ve already had Cows ice cream TWICE this week. Should we round it out to a nice even three? (I think yes. Wowwy Cowwy and Moo York Cheesecake ice cream has changed my life.)

In the meantime, I thought I’d leave you a little love and a lot of laughs. When I was little I had always heard about Weird Al Yankovic and while I thought some of his songs and videos were kind of funny, I didn’t really get them. Last year the Hubster reintroduced me to Weird Al with one of his more recent videos “White and Nerdy”, which parodies Chamillionaire’s “Ridin'”. It’s pretty much the greatest music video I’ve ever seen, complete with Donny Osmond’s fabulous dance moves. It’s almost… magical. Donny was “the whitest guy [he] could think of” and is PERFECT for this video. Seth Green is also another one of the many celebrities that make cameos in the video

Watch and love.

Amazing?! I think so.

Here’s a few more to keep you laughing…


Amish Paradise:

Smells Like Nirvana:

Enjoy! xo

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