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One of my favourite parts of this whole blogging thing is I feel like I get to be a part of this super cool group of amazing women who inspire me in so many ways. I have long been an admirer of Kyla–she was one of my early features last fall when I was doing my Shop Girl Shares segments every Monday. One of the challenges she has taken on for herself this summer is to find six new summer dresses to add to her wardrobe. She’s found three so far, and the next three she wants to find in thrift stores.

I’ve long been intrigued by the idea of thrift store shopping. Really, when I think about it, in a way I’ve already been doing it for most of my life. One of the benefits of having older sisters is that there are always great big bags of hand-me-down clothes coming my way. Peeah is a great lover of clothes and often changes her “look” so a few times a year she’ll call me up and offer me a couple of bags of clothes to sift through. I never take it all, but there is usually a handful of gems that I have had my eye on that eventually make it my way.

One of the things I’ve really been trying to add to my wardrobe in the past year is dresses. Not just summer dresses, but dresses in general. Two years ago I ransacked my closet for clothes for a formal event and I realized that I owned only one dress. ONE dress. How is that even possible?  I’ve slowly been finding ones I love–in the past two years I’ve gone from one dress to six, but I’m still looking. My new goal is to find comfy, stylish every day dresses that I could wear for teaching.

I always look for them in stores when I shop, but they are always a) too short; b) too expensive; or c) too… “I’m going to the bar to pick up”-ish. So when I saw that Kyla was on the hunt in thrift stores I thought, why not? There are two that I know of in Pretty City,  and I was pretty disappointed with the first one. It really wasn’t organized very well, but I did find an adorable tan peasant-style skirt for $5! I took it home, washed it up and I’m really quite happy with it.

Next stop was Value Village. I remember going to Value Village a few times as a teenager, but it’s been a lonnnng time since. I took my time in the store, perused through the aisles and was actually really excited by a few of the things I found. There was one dress that I fell in LOVE with, but it was one size too small. So, I did what any self-respecting woman would do: I turned to shoes.

I didn’t really expect to find anything, but then one pair jumped off the shelf into my arms and begged me to take them home with me. I found Nine West black leather pumps (a staple for any woman’s closet) for $10!! Seriously. How could I possibly leave them there?

Love. Aside from a little wear on the heels and a touch on the toe that I can easily polish, they look brand new and I am SO excited. Who knew I could find such fabulous shoes at a thrift store?

Now I know there is a bit of a stigma attached to thrift stores for a lot of people… you know, the whole wearing clothes that someone else owned / not knowing where it came from bit.

How do you feel about thrift store shopping?

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  • [email protected]

    Those shoes are lovely! I like thrift store shopping, but I tend to be like your sister. I often give away big bags of clothes at time. I usually go on a mini sort of shopping spree, come home and remember that my closet is super small and I have no room for new purchases, and go on a major purge. If I haven't worn in in a year, I usually get rid of it.

  • Faith

    I have no problem wearing someone else's clothes, but I tend to shy away from wearing someone else's shoes. Still, those are awfully pretty shoes!!!

  • Shop Girl*

    I know… I was hesitant, but as they were in such good condition I took them home, cleaned them reeeeally well and I'm okay with it. I figure that if someone can afford Nine West then they must be alright. haha

  • Shop Girl*

    I'm kind of the same way… and that's kind of why I went in with a mission. Rather than going through the whooooooole store looking for that hidden gem, I went for something specific. Thankfully Value Village is organized a lot like Winners and everything is clearly marked so it's easy!

  • Date Girl

    I like thrift store shopping. We have a place here called Platos Closet that is all name brand jeans and clothing for cheap! I always find my favorite outfits there.