Exciting News*

A New Addition*

You know, it’s kinda funny.

When I slipped in a tiny blurb about having something to announce into one of my Shop Girl Shares post 3 weeks ago, I wasn’t even sure anyone would even catch it. I mean, really, it was only a tiny 15-word sentence before presenting you with two fabulous blogs that I heart with much hearting.

Needless to say, I was a tiny bit shocked by the reaction. haha! I received emails, messages on Facebook, etc, all wanting to know what my announcement would be; all assuming it would be one thing: I’m pregnant. I even wrote a post calling you out on this assumption as there are many, many exciting things I could announce.

I’ve found the whole thing rather amusing to be honest. My belly hasn’t had this much attention since I first got married and had random old ladies at church come up to me and start rubbing it asking me when I was going to procreate.

(Yeah, that was a bit uncomfortable. haha)

It got to the point where Doodle, my eldest/lawyer brother and I spent an entire family dinner coming up with funny responses I could give when I was asked when The Hubster and I were going to start a family. My real reasons just weren’t cutting it anymore, and apparently my desire to complete my education (and my knowledge that I wouldn’t be strong enough to complete it with a baby on my hip) wasn’t good enough for these old lady belly-rubbers.

After a while people just stopped asking. I continued to progress through school and for a time everyone around me accepted that. The old ladies found new newly-wed bellies to rub, and somehow four years passed. As I walked across the stage to accept my diploma with a fresh new professional designation (“Shop Girl, OCT” — how cool is THAT?) it never occurred to me that my ever-ready baby excuse had just expired.

It also didn’t help that Peeah was pregnant at the time and everyone around us was in complete and total baby fever. *sigh*

So, what now? I had always told everyone we’d have kids when we finished school, and here we are, finished school. People started asking again, and (thankfully) we ended up moving away from the ward of bully-rubbers.

Our lives have changed drastically in the past few months. We finally graduated from university. We moved to a new city and the Hubster started a new job. I had no idea just how bad the recession was and ended up being unemployed for nearly 4 months before being able to secure a tiny part-time job. The Hubster’s family moved to another province. I became an auntie. I ended up going back to school part time and have started volunteering.

Really, it’s been a summer of change.

And now this–our announcement. While it’s big for us, I had no idea how big it would be for all of you. I’m still in awe of the fact that people out there are interested in my little life, but I am continually grateful for it. I somehow have 77 followers through Blogger and am just two fans shy of 100 on Facebook. Holy mother of pearl. :)

I promised I’d tell you what it was before Sunday evening, so here I am. Ready? Click below to find out…

Our New Addition:
Baby or Car?

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