Exciting News*

My Almost-Announcement*

Let me tell you a story.

Two nights ago a certain Shop Girl was exhausted after a long, grueling day at work and decided to abandon her beloved computer to watch TV with her Hubster on the couch. After one program ended she decided to quickly check her email before the next one started only to find her computer internet-less with a tiny little caution bubble in her task bar.

Perplexed, she assumed that perhaps her Hubster, being the computer whiz that he is, was doing something computerish and was fiddling with the internet. She returned to the couch for another show.

Twenty minutes later, the Hubster also noticed a problem with the internet and attempted to fix it. No luck. Disappointed that she wouldn’t be able to blog about her big announcement that evening, the Hubster called the internet company to see what was going on only to hear an automated announcement that the internet was down in their entire area.


They went to bed early with the promise of internet the next morning.

There was no internet the next morning. Or the next afternoon. Or the next evening. Not impressed, the Hubster called again only to find out that the internet company had some how fried their magic internet box and would need to send them a new part the following day.


After many long Amish-like internetness hours, the internet arrived at 9am this morning, just as Shop Girl was leaving for the gym. Needless to say, that was a bit delayed whilst she caught up on emails, Twitter and blogs.

The End.

…wasn’t that a sad story?

I hate not having the internet. Hate it. I’m quite possibly addicted, but this is me, not caring. I will feed this addiction. Dang you, internet company, dang you! Thank goodness for Puralator and their speedy service. :)

Anyway. During my absence I received several messages, emails, and wall posts telling me how very, very mean I am for prolonging the announcement of my big announcement. Well here I am, not announcing it again. haha

*ducks from things being thrown at me*

I’m actually ready to tell you, and have been for a day or two, but I don’t want to until I also have photo evidence of what it is so I can show you as well as tell you. Isn’t that just super exciting? I’m a total visual person, aren’t you?

BUT, as I know a few of you are not-so-patiently waiting, I will tell you a few things that it’s not to narrow it down a little for you. Aren’t I nice?

1) Sadly, I did not meet JTT. I’m pretty sure my life would basically be complete if I had, but I shall continue to let my inner pre-teen stalk him from a distance. I would really really love to get an autographed picture though, as I think that would just be… well… swoon worthy. I can’t decide if I’d want a current JTT picture or an old one though. Thoughts?

2) The Hubster is not a vampire. He is not Edward (although I think he’s much more attractive than that Robert Pattinson fellow who never washes his hair. Gross.) nor is he on that Tru Blood show everyone raves about. He is just my Hubster and I like him that way. :)

3) I DID get a job, but I also turned it down. I was offered a second part time job at a local grocery store, but as I’m working on something a little better at the moment (more on this soon) I thought it was best to pass for now. What I’m doing now is much more exciting anyway.

4) I also was unable to find my beloved Hammer Pants, much to my dismay (and I’m sure the dismay of Children of the 90’s who is patiently waiting for photo evidence that my homemade floral Hammer pants did, in fact, exist. haha). I’m sure I have a picture SOMEWHERE though… I shall continue the search.

There. Does that narrow it down a bit for you? :)

P.s. I will tell you the real bit before Sunday evening. Deal?

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