My thoughts*

An Explanation*

Last night I got less than 3 hours of sleep. For some stupid reason I woke up at 2am to use the washroom and was completely unable to fall asleep after that. I did absolutely everything I could to make myself tired– I read a novel, Fail Blog’ed, Facebooked, Twittered, walked around my apartment aimlessly and even applied for a job, but sleep would. not. come. I figured I would sleep after the Hubster left for work.


I figured maybe I’d pass out after a good breakfast and a hot shower.


It was 2pm before I finally managed to nap fitfully for an hour before waking again. *sigh*. I don’t get it. I’m not stressed. I’m not worried. I’m not excited. I’m not really sick. Whyyyy body, why? I’m trying hard to stay awake until at least 10pm so that I might sleep well tonight, but we’ll see. I may just cave and enjoy a drowsy gravol or two. (To justify, my stomach very well could be upset if I continue eating the Pillsbury Pumpkin cookies I just made.)

Anyway, in my efforts to keep myself awake I thought I’d come here. I know today is typically my Shop Girl Shares post, but as my brain is completely fuzzy and I can’t decide which blogs to share I thought I’d offer something a little different instead.

An explanation.

So the secret’s out– and I have a feeling a bunch of you are feeling a little underwhelmed what it turned out to be. I know most of you were hoping for an ultrasound or belly photo, but alas, you are stuck with my fabulous cute new (to us) car. Babies are wonderful and I seriously can’t wait to be a Mom some day. I already have names picked out, and I often daydream about the kind of mom that I want to be. Each time I hold my little niece it reaffirms my desire to have kids.

Some day.

I know there are lots of people who don’t understand why we have waited as long as we have–and continue to wait–and also others who not so jokingly disapprove of our decision. Others are hesitant to ask because they assume that there must be a reason we haven’t had kids, and they are right. There are several… and here’s one:

We’re young, and we love being together. This is (possibly) the only time in our lives that it will just be the two of us–and maybe that’s completely selfish–but heck, I’m only 24. My biological clock isn’t even ticking yet, let alone ready to expire. We also just finished school, and I’m only just beginning to tip toe into my career. I want to be a stay at home when I have kids, but I’d also love to be able to use this fabulous new degree I paid way too much money for before settling into a mom-role. Our lives aren’t, well, settled yet. Everything is up in the air until next summer, then we’ll have a better idea of where we’ll be… we may be here in Pretty City (I hope! Moving = FAIL) or somewhere completely different. Who knows. Until we have a better sense of security about our future we feel it’s best to wait.

But know this–when I DO make that announcement, it will be epic. I haven’t decided exactly how I’ll do it, but it’ll either be so tiny that you won’t be sure you read it correctly, or it’ll be big. I mean BIG. Like live post big. haha! I’ll make sure you know when all of you are about to become Aunties and Uncles. :)

That being said…


What may not be very exciting for many of you is like, SO exciting for me. I had absolutely no intention of drawing out the announcement of it like I did, but when I received all those questions about my assumed pregnancy I couldn’t resist… sorry folks, but the Hubster calls me “Hooligan” for a reason… I love me some mischievousness! haha!

I know I had mentioned in previous posts that we were in the market for a vehicle, so I just assumed that you would probably put two and two together. But no. This was way more fun. haha

Anyway. The car. Since when are vehicles so exciting? WHEN YOU HAVEN’T HAD ONE FOR FOUR YEARS. That’s when. When all you’ve ever driven are old big blue (and beautiful) family Vanimals that scream like police sirens when you drive them. That’s when. When you find one that you love. That’s when.

Let’s revisit our lives before the car… close your eyes (well, figuratively as you’ll need to read this… haha) and picture this:

It’s 8:00pm on a snowy, January evening. You wouldn’t even be caught dead outside but you had a class you absolutely couldn’t skip (as you’d skipped too many already… ha) and your cupboard shelves were looking painfully bare. Groceries are a must. You’re out already, so you figure you’ll just grab a few things at a store downtown before catching your bus home. You are dropped off outside the store with a 30-minute window before the bus will be back as they only run every 40 minutes in your town. You rush around the grocery store but are slowed as you remember all the things you need at home. You finally make it into the checkout line somewhere around the 30-minute mark. Panic settles in…

“Have I missed it?”

You throw all your things into the bags you’ve brought and run for the stop. There is no one waiting so there is no way to tell if it’s already passed or is yet to come. After deliberating for a moment you decide it’s better to make a run for the station 4 blocks away than wait for a bus that might take an hour to arrive.

Your bags aren’t so heavy at first, but by the third block your brisk pace has slowed to a trudge as you regret the cans of soup you just bought. Finally the end of the fourth block is in sight, and as you round the corner you watch the last of the buses pull from the station.


It”s now nearly 9pm, and as the cold deepens you realize you need to get home… and waiting another 40 minutes for a bus doesn’t seem terribly appealing. So you begin the (normally) 20 minute walk home with your school bag and groceries, cursing the bus system and your need to eat solid foods. When you finally arrive home–30 minutes later–your arms are aching and hot chocolate is not only desired, it’s necessary to thaw out your hands.

Thankfully you live in a sauna very warm apartment and thaw out quickly and life is good again…

…until it repeats again 2 weeks later.

Welcome to the last 4 winters of our marriage. haha! This didn’t happen every time, but there were often evenings when the Hubs and I trudged home with our purchases rather than waiting on the never-reliable bus system.

So for us to have a car, that we can actually get into and go places whenever we want to is beyond exciting. We ran errands all afternoon on Saturday and it was SO fun. Who knew grocery shopping and going to Canadian Tire could be so fun? Not having to carry toilet paper on the bus is such a lovely experience. :)

So that, my lovelies, is why this little car is so exciting for us. It’s liberation. It’s independence. It’s adulthood.

It’s love.

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