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I’ve always been a voracious reader (I lived in books as a child. Seriously. There is home video footage of me sitting in my living room reading amidst a pile of books with absolute sibling chaos going on around me… and I am oblivious to it all. I heart books with some good hearting.)

…but I have also always loved watching TV. When my brothers and sisters and I were small, my parents believed that we needed to foster our imagination / mind through books and outside play, so out “TV time” was limited to evenings… and Friday night was always the best.

Friday night was Chip Night. Every Friday my mom would hand each of us a dollar and we’d walk to the corner store and choose a bag of chips (for years I ate nothing but All Dressed. YUM) then come home, spread out a big brown knitted patchwork quilt on the carpet and sit in front of the TV ready for the evenings festivities.

The first shows I remember loving were Eureeka’s Castle, Ghostwriter and Today’s Special. For years I believed that mannequins were people. I’m still not convinced they aren’t.
Hocus Pocus Alamagocus!

As we got older I began to appreciate new shows and I began a new Friday night regime of TV shows: TGIF. Now I’m talking the good ol‘ original 90’s TGIF here… and these were some of my favourite shows — can you guess the shows by the cast photos?

*sigh* Now that was good TV.

I’ve since outgrown chip nights and no longer sit cross legged on a blanket in front of the TV (an appropriate distance away, naturally) but I still enjoy watching TV. I often prefer it to movies as I love the storylines and I hate how movie endings are so final, and then you either feel dissatisfied or have to wait and wait for the sequel. I’m high maintenance, I know. haha

Aside from introducing you to my TV boyfriends, I don’t often talk about the TV shows I watch but this year I. can’t help. it. Seriously. So, let’s talk TV.

First things first–are you watching The Biggest Loser this season!? I have never been a die hard fan of the show, but I started watching from the beginning this year and I am loving it. I think Jillian is a little bit psycho (in a lovable way) and I heart Bob like no other… but what I love most is the little bit is CRAZY Tracy is bringing to the show this year! haha

Every time she opens her mouth all I can see are her crazy eyes and I can’t wait to see what she’s going to do next. I feel bad for her teammate, but she adds a lil spice to the show. haha

Next — was anyone else weirded out by Tyra’s appearance on Gossip Girl? I LOVE that they’ve added Hillary Duff to the cast, but I thought the whole Tyra bit was awkward. Thoughts?

On to One Tree Hill (yes, I’m a teeny Bopper inside) — I have to admit, I’m on the fence about Nathan Scott. I’m not convinced he’s innocent! I have a sneaking suspicion that the baby will be his and chaos will ensue. *dum dum dum (that was evil music, in case you were wondering) What do you think??

Lastly, Private Practice… I think the baby is Sheldon’s, and I hope hope hope that Pete will love Violet + baby anyway. I could be wrong though, maybe we’ll get a happy ending and it will be Pete’s! Thoughts?

Well lovelies, after writing this post and realizing how much TV I watch (this baaarely scratched the surface. Seriously.) I’m off to go expand my mind by reading a book…. or maybe I’ll just sleep. haha

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  • Sun Girl

    my parents imited my tv watching to friday at 6 pm to sunday at 7:30. as you can imagine, my brothers and i all fought for tv space. (also my brothers had to fit in their video gaming in that short period of time) somehow we made it happen. friends was a big hit in our family, family matters and fresh prince.

    i do watch a lot of tv too, but i still find time for tohe things…weird.

    i too love the addition of Hillary Duff to GG and did think the whole tyra thing was weird and awkward.

    Private Practice…I've stoppoed guessing who the father is and who Vi is going to pick. Well just let it unfold as it does!

  • KristinaP

    Yeah, Tyra is crazy. It was weird, but she was actually OK. I just got home from work, and I have about 4 hours ot TV to catch up on. I'm watching FlashForward right now!

  • Lil' Woman

    1. Family Matters
    2. Step By Step
    3. Boy Meets World

    I liked Step By Step until they brought on the other daughter Lily. Something about that little girl annoyed me. She was too cute for her own good.

  • girlwiththeredhair

    I watch Gossip Girl, Grey's, Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters every week.

    I USED to watch One Tree Hill but kind of quit about a year ago, your comment about it intrigues me though!! Maybe I'll have to get the last season and catch up!!

  • CallitaClan

    First….It is OK to be a book lover AND TV lover. I was never really a TV addict until college (although I did love me some TGIF). Before that, my nose was always in a book. Including walking around the grocery store and in the shower (don't ask!). But GG….Hilary=Awesome, Tyra=awkward; Private Practice…I have no clue!; OTH…I stopped watching 2 years ago, but you have intrigued me!

  • Karen

    I used to love Step by Step!

    I watch WAY too much TV too. It's a little bit ridiculous. But I justify it because I'm so busy doing good things that I need some downtime, too. :-)

    I think after all that stuff with Nathan and Nanny Carrie from a couple of years ago, it's going to turn out this time that he really was with that girl. Don't know if he's going to be the Baby Daddy, but I do think it happened and I also don't think he did it of his own volition. I think he was drugged.

  • dategirl

    I love your blast from the past posts. I used to watch TGIF all the time! I can sing every theme song for those shows. Step by Step's song is running through my head right now, “Step by step, day by day, we'll MAKEEE it bettterrr, in a different kind of way.” Why can I remember that but not the material on my networking final?? Sigh.

    I'm leaning towards the baby being Sheldon's too in Private Practice. I think Pete will still love Violet. How crazy was it that Violet gave him the baby? I haven't seen the latest episode, so if there's been another, I better do some catch up. Hopefully Violet finds her maternal instincts soon.