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Daylight Savings Crime*

I have officially fallen off the bandwagon. I have missed posting two days this month. *hangs head in shame*

I have decided to blame it on daylight savings time. After all, something needs to be at fault for that, and it couldn’t possibly be me. Nope. No way, hosée. Somehow this pushing forward of time has affected my whole daytime pattern and I no like it.

On some basic level I understand the concept of the “springing forward”, but I haaaaaate losing the light in the morning. I’d much rather keep my sunshine at 7am and enjoy the dusk at 6pm. Last week it was sooo nice having daylight shine through my windows as I got myself ready for school in the wee hours of the morning. As the Hubs doesn’t need to be up as early as I do, I do my best to tip toe around in the dark so I won’t wake him up. (What a good wife I am…) As it was light outside, I could finally see what clothes I was selecting out of my closet and make a matching outfit on the first try. As of Sunday morning, I went back to black–pitch black that is. It’s brutal… it’s so much harder waking up when it still feels like night outside. *sigh*

Daylight savings time stole my sunshine, and I want it back. Right now.

Now here is the funny part: the clocks changed at 2am on Sunday morning. I, being an avid CBC reader read the article reminding everyone to change their clocks, so I was able to make a note to change everything before we went to bed.

Apparently not everyone got the memo.

After losing an hour of sleep, the Hubster and I sleepily got ready for church. We were a bit late that day and got to the chapel with only five minutes before the meeting was to start… BUT, we were awake and on time. When we pulled into the parking lot I was surprised to see very few cars there. As it was the weekend before March Break (aka– prime vacation time as it’s cheaper than the break) I assumed that several families must be off on vacation.

Our little ward is small to being with, but when we walked into the chapel there were maaaybe 30 people there, and notably absent were all the assigned speakers for sacrament meeting. haha! The Bishop looked a bit concerned and waited a few minutes before starting the meeting. As he rose and walked to the pulpit I waited with anticipation to see how he’d handle the situation. I found it rather humorous–when does it ever happen that all three assigned speakers just don’t show up??? haha!! And then I remembered that our Bishop likes to call people at random to fill empty time or to say prayers… and I slowly (and definitely not elegantly) slid lower and lower into the bench avoiding all trace of eye contact. (Side note: the sliding down definitely increased the uniboob effect, in case you were wondering) I don’t mind speaking–when I am prepared and have been given sufficient notice. I’m not into the whole “SURPRISE! You’re speaking for 20 minutes!!” approach.

Anyway, people slowly started trickling in as the opening hymn was being sung, and after the sacrament was passed a flood of people who had oh, so obviously missed the daylight savings time memo tried to sneak in the back. Unfortunately, when it is a herd of people quiet doesn’t really happen. haha! Luckily one of the speakers was in the herd and slipped up to the front, so there were only two spots to fill. As the Bishop approached the pulpit I peeked to see if the rest of the ward was madly avoiding eye contact like I was. Apparently this was the case as it was so obvious he cracked a joke about it and picked on his son and son-in-law to fill the time instead. Phewf.

The moral of the story is daylight savings time causes chaos at church and makes me cranky. Isn’t that reason enough to end it here and now?

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