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Today I am a real winner.

This week I decided I would like to be less of a brilliant white skin tone and started tanning again. It’s been about 8 months since I last went, but that doesn’t matter at all, right? Riiight.

I played it safe on Tuesday and only went for 6 minutes. It felt sooo nice to be back in that warm, happy place. I was disappointed to see absolutely nothing change though, so I assumed I had not gone long enough.

After school today I went back. I decided to be really brave and really up my time… by a minute. I mean, seriously–how much difference could one minute really make?

As I was in the tanning bed I felt all warm and relaxed, and that feeling stayed with me after I got out. As hour or two later, when I switched from teacher clothes to the-day-is-finally-over clothes (which, let’s be honest, are usually sweats). However, as I had to go to a little teacher candidate shindig tonight, I put on some jeans.

As I pulled them up I thought, “Gee, my bum is a little sore.” and then forgot all about it.

The shindig was awkwardly fun, but I was glad to get home as I had soooo much to get done tonight–one such task was painting my toe nails (I went with a French Pedicure, in case you were wondering…). I decided to sit at my desk to do it so I could multi-task, and as my jeans rubbed against my bum it continued to feel sore… but I ignored it again.

Just now I got undressed to get ready for bed. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror as I went past and realized that my chest was a might pinkish. I looked closer and realized that my face was a little pinkish too. Nothing really noticeable, just a bit flush.

Then I decided to check my bum.

I turned around in the mirror to find a couple of crispy buns on my backside. They passed pink a long time ago and are now good and burnt. It’s pretty hot, let me tell you.

It’s ok to be jealous of my burnt buns.

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