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Today has been a gloriously full day.

This morning I got to sleep in alllll the way until 8:15 which was FABULOUS (I’m usually up at 6:30am every day). Because our March Break is next week today was a PA day at my school so I didn’t have to teach, and I get next week off as well. I felt as though I should be productive on my morning off, so I cleaned my kitchen, dusted the living room, tidied things up and the Hubster helped me do 5 loads of laundry. Yes, five. I went on a mission to wash everything today. We did the sheets, the bathroom stuff, the kitchen stuff, the living room stuff, and then all our clothes. I looooooove cleanliness. :) My apartment smells SO good right now!

Once I finished my wild cleaning spree I went out on a date with Aaammmiieee who came into town for the day! We sat it my favourite little cafe and chatted for an hour or so… and it was absolutely lovely. I miss my girls…

And tonight… I can’t wait for tonight. Tonight is our Fridate. :) As our busy schedules often prevent us from seeing each other very much during the week, the Hubster and I look forward to spending time together on the weekend. We still try to have “date nights” as often as we can–this was included in my Dad’s “agreement” when the Hubster asked him for his blessing to marry me. My parents have been married for 30 years and still have a date night every week that they specifically set aside to spend time together. It can be going to a movie, going shopping, for ice cream or even just for a walk. They just do something together… and push all life’s clutter out of the way. I love it, and I really admire my parents for doing it. So, we try and set aside at least one day on the weekend that’s just for us. Today is our Fridate. :) As the sky has opened and continues to vomit (snow), we are going to make dinner together, curl up in front of the TV and watch a movie together. Iiiii cannot wait. :)

So, that’s my day. I hope yours was equally wonderful!

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