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Last night was my university’s formal and I had SUCH a good time. I went quite early to help decorate a little as Dee needed a hand with the table center pieces, and I LOVE doing things like that. So I was there for an hour or two then headed back to Dee’s to do my hair as it takes me FOREVER because I have the world’s thickest hair. *sigh* It’s fun to get all dolled up every once in a while though… I feel like such a bum at school most of the time because I usually slap on a pair of jeans & a sweatshirt and away I go! haha!

Annnnnnyway. So, I got ready and did a friend’s hair as well (she looked LOVELY) and then we headed next door for the pre-formal ‘wine and cheese’ party that another friend was hosting. It was so nice to see everyone all dressed up… the dresses were beautiful, but I was secretly spying on everyone’s shoes. I always say, shoes can make or break an outfit–but there were some fabulous shoes that night. I coveted them.

Around 6:15 we headed over to the hall. I don’t know the exact “title” of the formal (it might have been ‘Old World Class’ or something like that..) and every table was set as a different city. We sat at Rome (and I made sure that our centerpiece was amazing.. haha!) and I had a great table! The food was pretty good–salad, roast beef and roasted vegetables with this apple and pastry thing for dessert… although I was not impressed that the caterers didn’t even have pitchers of water or glasses on the tables! They just expected everyone to drink from the bar, but for those of us that don’t drink, it wasn’t fabulous. But I made do. :)

The dancing was fun… I even busted my cowboy and banana dances out of retirement after a few people asked to see them!
That was one move from the Banana Dance… I believe I’m peeling the banana here. hahaha! All in all, it was a great night. I only wish that the Hubster had been with me (formals / dances aren’t his thing…) because he looks DANG hot in his suit, but maybe next time. ;) Here are a few more shots… I hate taking pictures, so I’ll have to wait and see what everyone else ended up with!!
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