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Chapter Three* (The First Words)

So, we finally met. I knew his name, and he could finally put my name in place of the “Lady Bug Girl” which he had been calling me up to that point. (he had wanted to meet me!!)

However, things didn’t go quite as smoothly as I hoped. After meeting him late that night, for the next couple of weeks all I could get out of him was a quick smile and a wave. He was so stand-off-ish and I couldn’t figure out why… so I began to wonder if maybe he just wasn’t interested.

I saw him nearly every Friday night for 3 – 4 weeks, and the more he resisted, the more determined I became. Now, it’s important to note that I do not normally do this. I never really chased guys… if I was semi-interested in someone and wasn’t sure if the feelings were mutual, I usually just left it alone. I couldn’t do this with the Hubster… it was as if I HAD to know why he wouldn’t give me the time of day.

It wasn’t until the 3rd or 4th week that I could even get him to speak to me. He was never rude to me, just really aloof. This night he was running an activity and I remember it clearly—I even remember what I was wearing!! I had on my high black boots, faded jeans and a long black sweater… and he was wearing fabulous shoes, nice jeans and a blue and green collared shirt (I believe). I was sitting on a couch in a foyer with several friends and I could see him at the entrance way setting something up (by himself) so I walked over and made some sort of witty comment to begin a conversation. He smiled and laughed, and actually talked to me for a minute or so. He had things in his hands and quickly excused himself to go do something upstairs.

So it was a mini-success… but it gave me hope. So I tried again later that night… and THIS time I was successful!! An hour or so later I found him on his own again by a refreshment table and I walked over and asked how his earlier activity had gone. He smiled and actually started talking to me. In full sentences. With smiles. I was hooked.

We walked over and sat on the edge of the stage and he told me a little bit about himself. He told me that he had just come home from his mission in Oregon and didn’t really know very many people yet. I (knowing quite a few of the people there that night) immediately offered to introduce him to my group of friends and started pointing out interesting people that he should meet (carefully avoiding any pretty women… haha). We sat and talked for about a half an hour, and at the end we exchanged phone numbers, and he said he would call me Sunday night.

Later I learned why he had been so reluctant to talk to me… he had thought that Too Kool was interested in me (even though he was himself) and didn’t want to infringe on his “territory”… apparently it’s a guy thing. Anyway, he was trying to be considerate of his friend but I was too dang persistent and he finally gave in. :) Also, initially he only thought that I would be a good person to know because I knew lots of people and I could introduce him to many of the people he had wanted to meet. He even thought that I only wanted to be friends… little did he know we would be so much more than that. :)

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