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    I’m so mad I don’t even know what to say. I hate my apartment building so much. Before I explain what just happened, let me explain that we have a storage locker in our basement. We use it to store our excess things (Christmas tree, etc) and last summer I kept my bike down there. Until someone broke the lock off and stole it. Luckily it wasn’t an expensive bike, but the fact that someone actually went in and stole it really upset me. Today it happened again. Not my bike (I smartened up and began keeping my bike out on our balcony with the hubs’) but I went down…

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    Okay. So yesterday was AWESOME. But before we get to that, a few updates for you. I survived the dentist, and as of now only have to go back for one repeat visit on the 8th. So should this end up being true, I’ll love my dentist and share my previous dentist monstrosity with you. As well, tonight I finished another class! That’s two down, and only one to go. I have an exam on Monday afternoon and then I am SOOOOOOOOO done. Yay for one month of summer!! hahaha So. Yesterday Twin, K and I went to Canada’s Wonderland (I can’t call it Paramount Canada’s Wonderland because some new…

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    Ah. SO much has happened in the past few days… I don’t even know where to begin. First things first–so, I exaggerated, and my stay at the inlaws was good. We were a little cramped and I had to do my hair and makeup with a tiny compact mirror for 2 days, but we survived. It now looks as though Dog Lover and Spiritual Voice are planning to live with D&D for an extended period of time though, so our visits might be cut back a little. We came home Sunday night, after I went out and shot Dog Lover and Spiritual Voice’s engagement photos. They actually turned out really…

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    Singin’ in the Rain*

    I really should have written about this yesterday, but I was tired and wet and just decided to watch a lot of Alias instead. haha! Yesterday Twin and I had class together, and as the prof ended early, we decided to to a bit of shopping downtown. I have completely converted her to a love of smelly candles, and so I was showing her the two craft stores downtown where I know that you can buy them. They are about 5-6 blocks apart, so we parked at one, then walked down to the other. As we were walking, we noticed the sky getting dark, but really didn’t think much of…

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    Spart wins!!

    Spart leaves me comments on my blogs and makes me feel special. She wins. Shop Girl*