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I am so done with this year… I haven’t enjoyed a single one of my classes. I have an essay to write tonight that I am just not even wanting to look at, and so instead I write in here. I know I’ll have to succumb to the essay eventually, just not yet. It’s some comparative/analytical essay about A Streetcar Named Desire and an essay in a big book that I haven’t really read. I figure I’ll just read it as I write the essay about it. I am a staaaar student. My marks aren’t bad, I’m just sick of my crappy profs and crappy classes.

I’m still wiped after our fire alarm adventure this morning. I kind of passed out on the bed for a few minutes after dinner, but tonight will be a late one because of my unfinished essay. I managed to make it to work and survived my students, and even managed to put together a decent meal and finish 3 loads of laundry. So I feel as though I at least accomplished SOMETHING today. So tired. Anyone want to write this essay for me?

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