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This entry marks my 100th post!! How very exciting is THAT? I feel like this is a milestone in my blogging career that must be celebrated. I think I shall celebrate with a nap. And whyyyyyyy on earth would I celebrate with a nap? Well, because I am tired. That’s why. And whyyyyyyyy am I tired? BECAUSE THE STUPID FIRE ALARMS IN MY STUPID BUILDING WENT OFF AT 5 FREAKING AM AND STAYED ON FOR 20 MINUTES. THAT’S why. And after going downstairs to check with my landlord and all the other angry tenants to make sure that there really was no fire, I trudged back up to bed and fell asleep after about half an hour. It was a lovely little sleep… interrupted again at 9am by another 20 minute fire alarm. I had to hold the Hubster back from going out into the hallway and smashing it. I was mighty tempted, don’t get me wrong. I think we have an increda-sensitive fire alarm system here that probably goes off when some old lady was making her 5am morning tea in her kettle.

So, now I am exhausted because rather than one glorious 8 hour sleep, I had two 3-hour sleeps that just didn’t make me feel at all rested. Even the Kangaroo Squares I made last night just are not making me feel any happier. I’m already dreading today because when the fire alarms start going off… they usually continue doing so alllllllll day long. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bah humbug.

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