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…Did I ever tell you that my family is Metis? Well, we are. I also think that we’re quite possibly the last generation of my family who is eligible to claim it. Anyway, as a Metis post-secondary student in Ontario I can apply for bursaries to help fund my education. Last year I applied and received $750 in December. The deadline for this year’s application was the end of October, so naturally when I hadn’t heard anything by the end of December I assumed that for whatever reason I didn’t get it this year.

WELL. Today I got a letter in the mail saying that they are processing bursary applications! So it looks like they’re just doing them WAY late this year and I might have something coming after all!! HOO HAH!

Anyway. The purpose of this post is that in my effort to procrastinate I found a site that lets you make ‘portraits’ and so I have made portraits for each of my family members that have managed to look nothing like any of them. haha So, here you are.

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