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I was supposed to go in for my first day of tutoring today at my school but the principal called me bright and early to ask me if we could reschedule. As excited as I am to not have to go all the way down there (it’s a bit of a trek) I’m also a little disappointed as I’d like to get started. I haven’t even met with the teacher’s yet because one has been away sick. So hopefully I’ll get in there next week.

Last night we had a lovely impromptu dinner with Dee and her brother [Runner]. I went down to see Dee, then the Hubster and Runner joined us and we made some faaabulous fajitas. I’m actually thinking of starting up a second blog specifically for recipes. I’m always looking for new ones to try, and I have some delicious ones! I think there’s a feature on here that will let anyone add an entry to a blog, so I think that will be today’s project as I avoid my essay that’s due next week. :)

I’ve also found an incredible Sally Deford arrangement to I Stand All Amazed that I’ve been working on. As I’m trying to regain my skills as a pianist, having ‘projects’ helps to motivate me to play. It’s moderately difficult piece, for me anyway, as I have small hands and have difficulty reaching some of the larger chords. Anyway, it’s beautiful and I’m really excited that I’ve found it. I’m secretly hoping to have it memorized and perfected by Easter so that I can offer to play it in Sacrament meeting. I’m friends with the Choir director in the ward, and as our ward is a little musically challenged, I’d like to help her out with the Easter program. So, that’s my big plan.

Well, I’ve decided to get out of the house for a while, so I’m off to brave the cold and snow to run some errands. WOOOO! Oh, please don’t forget to add yourself on my little map– I think it’s so cool. I love seeing where my readers are from!!

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