• Strange Dreams*

    You guys, strange things are happening in my head at night.

    The Hubster and I have long joked that we have real-life personalities, and “dream personalities”. I sometimes have dreams about the Hubster were he does things that I don’t like. I used to wake up in the morning and get mad at him for things he did in my dream, and he didn’t like being held accountable for “Dream-Hubster’s” actions.

    (I know. We’re weird.)

    I have always had very vivid dreams that I often remember. They are usually funny and a little weird, and the Hubster usually just laughs and shakes his head at me when I explain my dreams the following morning.

    I remember having especially vivid dreams when I was pregnant with the wee-bean, but nothing that was way out of the ordinary.

    My dreams of late have been utterly bizarre. I’m dreaming about people I haven’t seen or spoken to in years, and the dreams themselves are just… weird. They are so weird that I don’t even want to tell the Hubster about them.

    So I’ll tell you instead. (haha)

    Example: last night I dreamed that I was preparing for a wedding. My job was to bake brownies. Lots and lots of brownies. For some reason, we were storing the brownies in an upstairs bedroom at Grammy P’s house (Auntie A’s room, if you were wondering), but I kept eating them and had to make more.

    While I was baking (still in the bedroom), I looked out the window at the neighbour’s yard. Some friends of mine from high school were apparently living there and had turned the yard into this amazing oasis. There was a beautiful pool with an interlocking stone deck, a gorgeous hot tub, and beautiful landscaping. I decided to go take a look, so I just wandered over and went right into the house.

    I looked around, and couldn’t help but wonder how they afforded all the changes to the home when I knew they were all unemployed as they were relaxing outside.

    Suddenly, one of my dad’s sisters appeared, except that in my dream she wasn’t my aunt. She was also the bride who I was apparently making all the brownies for. She seemed panicked, so we went back to my Grammy P’s house (my MOM’s mom) and started to get ready in the main floor bathroom.

    Which is just off the kitchen. (It’s a bizarre location, we know. We’re just used to it. haha)

    While I was doing her hair, she told me she was having doubts about the wedding. I learned that she was marrying one of my uncles, except that he wasn’t my uncle in the dream either.

    A blonde woman came to the bathroom and poked her head in, and asked if we had seen my uncle. We directed her to the living room, then followed out a few minutes later.

    When we arrived in the living room, my uncle (who wasn’t my uncle) announced that the wedding was off. He had fallen in love with the blonde woman who came to see us, who also happened to be a sailor.

    My aunt (who wasn’t my aunt) was relieved and grabbed the hand of the man standing next to her, and announced that she too was in love with someone else.

    Everyone started eating the brownies and then I woke up.


    I know. I don’t even know what to say. I woke up this morning trying to figure out where the heck this dream came from, but I am at a loss.

    At least the Dream-Hubster didn’t do anything scandalous last night. He’s off the hook this morning. :)

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  • Dreams*

    (via: http://blogs.abc.net.au/photos/uncategorized/2009/03/05/midnight_dreams.jpg)

    I’ve been having very vivid dreams lately.

    Dreams that feel so real I can still feel them and remember them long after I wake up. Dreams that are so vivid that I wake up feeling like I haven’t rested at all.

    While I was home last week, I had a dream that left me feeling uneasy for an entire day. I dreamt that after arriving at work I realized that I had forgotten something absolutely necessary at home. I looked at an enormous clock on the wall and saw that I have five minutes before the bell, so I decided to try and make it. I ran to my car, jumped in and drove to my house.

    I was rushing and rushing to make it back on time, but I heard the bell ringing as I circled the parking lot trying to find a spot. As I drove around the school I panicked as every space was taken. I ended up parking in a secretary’s spot which happened to be in the furthest corner of the lot.

    (If you know anything about where school secretaries get to park, this is quite possibly the most bizarre aspect of the dream. haha)

    I kept thinking, “If I can sneak in past the office no one will notice,” but every door I tried was locked. As the time passed my feeling of panic increased as I somehow knew the principal would come in and check my class that day and find my kids alone in the room. It was a beautiful, cold sunny day and I could see the sun reflecting on each locked door that I tried to open.

    Finally, I found an open door on the far side of the building–again, the furthest point from where I needed to be.

    I began running toward my class; up flights of stairs and down long hallways but I never seemed to get any closer. I passed the big clock again and I realized that it was useless. I had taken too long and I was caught–there was absolutely no point in my going to class as I was already going to be fired.

    I made my way back to my car in seconds, and watched a group of kids exiting one of the locked doors.

    …and then I woke up.

    I can’t even begin to tell you how stressed I was when I woke up. My heart was racing and I felt almost like I had just had a panic attack in my sleep. It took me a few minutes to calm down, walk through the events of the dream and remind myself that I was on holidays.

    The feeling I had when I woke up never quite left me though… it stayed with me for the whole day.

    And then last night I dreamt that a friend and I were being chased through a dark wooded area. He was caught and I fell to the ground under a bush and tried to lay still. I could hear him yelling for help, but I knew that if I moved I would be caught too. Things around me started making noise and I couldn’t stay silent. My jacket brushed a stick and the sound was deafening. I shifted on the ground and I could hear the noise of the leaves crackle under me.

    And then I was found.

    We were moved to an old house with another girl, and while I couldn’t see the face of our captor I knew he was dangerous. He barked orders at the other girl, and asked her to get something from his car. I jumped up and volunteered to do it, to show him how useful I could be. I went outside and saw a car full of men coming down the driveway. I ran toward them, and saw that they were people I knew coming to save us. One pulled me into a hug while the others stormed the house to get the others… but I knew that it was already too late for my friend.

    …and then I woke up.

    Weird, no? Not as stressful as the other, but I still woke up feeling unsettled and anxious.

    I don’t know what it all means–I’m obviously stressed about something.

    Any fabulous dream interpreters out there?


  • Sleep Burping?

    Oh, I almost forgot… last night I learned that the Hubster is not only a fantastic conversationalist in his sleep, but he burps too!!! hahaha

    About 3am last night I woke up and thought I heard someone close the door on our fridge. I was likely still half dreaming, but the idea of there being someone in our apartment was enough to jolt me wide awake. As I laid in bed watching my Hubs sleep, he lifted his head up, burped, and then immediately fell back asleep. After determining that he was definitely still sleeping, I almost died laughing (as quietly as possible) because really, who is talented enough to burp in their sleep? haha I love it!

    I was slightly worried, because for me burping at nighttime is usually a sign of an upset stomach, and he hadn’t been feeling well before bed, so I stayed up a little while to make sure he wasn’t going to be sick. He just kept on sleeping though, and I eventually fell back to sleep praying that I would remember the burp in the morning. Thankfully, I did. hahha I love regaling him with his sleeping stories in the morning when he wakes up. That’s the best part because he never believes me… someday I’ll catch him talking on tape. That will be amazing. hahahaha

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  • Sleep Talk* [146.0]

    Well, I’m down another half pound… and although I’m pretty positive it’s probably just natural weight fluctuation, it is encouraging to at least see the numbers declining, regardless of how slowly.

    The Hubster sometimes talks in his sleep… and I LOVE it. Most of the time it’s incoherent mumbling, but every so often I’ll be awake enough to catch a real gem!! One time he yelled out “I DON’T KNOW HOW IT WORKS!!!” and startled me, but once I realized he was still sleeping I fell in love all the more. haha! Last night was amazing… I woke up for a bathroom break sometime around 3:00am, and as I came back to bed I noticed that he had rolled and tangled himself in the sheets. So as I gently tried to pull them back he turned again, faced me, blew a kiss and said “You’ll be great. Go get ’em, Tiger!”. Never in our 2 years of our being together has he ever called me Tiger, so I started laughing to hard I was sure I was going to wake him up. I double checked to see if he was actually sleeping– he was– and I tried responding to see if he’d keep talking, to no avail. hahaha Oh, how I love him. He makes me laugh even when he’s asleep!! I was so determined to remember what he had said to tell him in the morning that I even dreamed about it. I’m that hardcore. haha

    He never really believes me when I tell him some of the things he’s said, so I guess I’ll have to try and catch it on tape one night. I’m pretty sure I’m a sleep talker too though, I remember my sisters telling me things I had said in my sleep when we all shared a room. Material Girl never ever lets me forget something I mumbled in my sleep one year at camp either. haha! I know I “eat” in my sleep, I’ve been told that I make eating noises when I sleep. What can I say… I like my food. I’m just thankful I’m not a teeth grinder–I’d hate to have to sleep with a mouth guard. Blech.

    My exciting chore for today is cleaning my walls. They’ve been bothering me for a while so I’ve been down on my hands and knees scrubbing marks off the walls for the past hour or so (before taking a break to write in here). It’s thrilling, let me tell you. If you’ve never scrubbed walls, you should. WOO HOO!!!!!! haha

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