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Sleep Talk* [146.0]

Well, I’m down another half pound… and although I’m pretty positive it’s probably just natural weight fluctuation, it is encouraging to at least see the numbers declining, regardless of how slowly.

The Hubster sometimes talks in his sleep… and I LOVE it. Most of the time it’s incoherent mumbling, but every so often I’ll be awake enough to catch a real gem!! One time he yelled out “I DON’T KNOW HOW IT WORKS!!!” and startled me, but once I realized he was still sleeping I fell in love all the more. haha! Last night was amazing… I woke up for a bathroom break sometime around 3:00am, and as I came back to bed I noticed that he had rolled and tangled himself in the sheets. So as I gently tried to pull them back he turned again, faced me, blew a kiss and said “You’ll be great. Go get ’em, Tiger!”. Never in our 2 years of our being together has he ever called me Tiger, so I started laughing to hard I was sure I was going to wake him up. I double checked to see if he was actually sleeping– he was– and I tried responding to see if he’d keep talking, to no avail. hahaha Oh, how I love him. He makes me laugh even when he’s asleep!! I was so determined to remember what he had said to tell him in the morning that I even dreamed about it. I’m that hardcore. haha

He never really believes me when I tell him some of the things he’s said, so I guess I’ll have to try and catch it on tape one night. I’m pretty sure I’m a sleep talker too though, I remember my sisters telling me things I had said in my sleep when we all shared a room. Material Girl never ever lets me forget something I mumbled in my sleep one year at camp either. haha! I know I “eat” in my sleep, I’ve been told that I make eating noises when I sleep. What can I say… I like my food. I’m just thankful I’m not a teeth grinder–I’d hate to have to sleep with a mouth guard. Blech.

My exciting chore for today is cleaning my walls. They’ve been bothering me for a while so I’ve been down on my hands and knees scrubbing marks off the walls for the past hour or so (before taking a break to write in here). It’s thrilling, let me tell you. If you’ve never scrubbed walls, you should. WOO HOO!!!!!! haha

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