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I’ve had so much on my plate the past little while I doubt that I even wrote that I was involved with organizing a conference at the university this weekend. The organization I co-chair holds an annual conference, and this year my responsibility was to handle the catering of the luncheon for the conference attendees, and the dinner for all those involved. It was a good experience for me– I’ve never worked with caterers before, and I had to make sure there was enough food for 60-80 people. All in all, it went well. Apparently attendance wasn’t quite as high as last year, but there were several other functions going on at the school so I think that was likely why.

I had a good talk with a friend the other night and he offered to help me come up with some sort of a fitness and eating routine, so I’m pretty excited. I’ve never actually worked out in a gym before, so I’m excited to try it. The Hubster told me he’d come with me, which I’m also happy about because I wouldn’t even know what to do in the gym once I got there. haha! I just need to get over my fear of being watched–whenever I start going into a new place I always feel like people are watching my every move and I’m nervous to make a mistake. But, I am determined to get in shape and get fit, so to the gym I go.

This week has also been busy because Dee, [Sar] and I have been putting together a proposal to run frosh week next year. I’m reeeeeeally excited, I hope we get it! Dee and I applied last year, but because we were both transfer students and had never experienced frosh week at this university we didn’t get it, but were hired as leaders for the week. So, this year we applied again with our friend Sar (to become the “Triple Threat”) and we have a ROCKIN’ theme. I’ll be quite upset if we don’t get it… we’re up against 3 other groups, and we should find out the results in a week or two after our interviews. So keep your fingers crossed and I’ll keep you posted!

I feel like I have been in a funk the past week or so… I just haven’t felt myself. I’m not usually so depressing. Today felt better though… so hopefully this ridiculousness will pass and I can get back to being me. I don’t even know what caused my mood, but I’m sorry if I’ve been a downer around anyone. I promise it’s not permanent. :)

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