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Sleep Burping?

Oh, I almost forgot… last night I learned that the Hubster is not only a fantastic conversationalist in his sleep, but he burps too!!! hahaha

About 3am last night I woke up and thought I heard someone close the door on our fridge. I was likely still half dreaming, but the idea of there being someone in our apartment was enough to jolt me wide awake. As I laid in bed watching my Hubs sleep, he lifted his head up, burped, and then immediately fell back asleep. After determining that he was definitely still sleeping, I almost died laughing (as quietly as possible) because really, who is talented enough to burp in their sleep? haha I love it!

I was slightly worried, because for me burping at nighttime is usually a sign of an upset stomach, and he hadn’t been feeling well before bed, so I stayed up a little while to make sure he wasn’t going to be sick. He just kept on sleeping though, and I eventually fell back to sleep praying that I would remember the burp in the morning. Thankfully, I did. hahha I love regaling him with his sleeping stories in the morning when he wakes up. That’s the best part because he never believes me… someday I’ll catch him talking on tape. That will be amazing. hahahaha

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