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You guys, strange things are happening in my head at night.

The Hubster and I have long joked that we have real-life personalities, and “dream personalities”. I sometimes have dreams about the Hubster were he does things that I don’t like. I used to wake up in the morning and get mad at him for things he did in my dream, and he didn’t like being held accountable for “Dream-Hubster’s” actions.

(I know. We’re weird.)

I have always had very vivid dreams that I often remember. They are usually funny and a little weird, and the Hubster usually just laughs and shakes his head at me when I explain my dreams the following morning.

I remember having especially vivid dreams when I was pregnant with the wee-bean, but nothing that was way out of the ordinary.

My dreams of late have been utterly bizarre. I’m dreaming about people I haven’t seen or spoken to in years, and the dreams themselves are just… weird. They are so weird that I don’t even want to tell the Hubster about them.

So I’ll tell you instead. (haha)

Example: last night I dreamed that I was preparing for a wedding. My job was to bake brownies. Lots and lots of brownies. For some reason, we were storing the brownies in an upstairs bedroom at Grammy P’s house (Auntie A’s room, if you were wondering), but I kept eating them and had to make more.

While I was baking (still in the bedroom), I looked out the window at the neighbour’s yard. Some friends of mine from high school were apparently living there and had turned the yard into this amazing oasis. There was a beautiful pool with an interlocking stone deck, a gorgeous hot tub, and beautiful landscaping. I decided to go take a look, so I just wandered over and went right into the house.

I looked around, and couldn’t help but wonder how they afforded all the changes to the home when I knew they were all unemployed as they were relaxing outside.

Suddenly, one of my dad’s sisters appeared, except that in my dream she wasn’t my aunt. She was also the bride who I was apparently making all the brownies for. She seemed panicked, so we went back to my Grammy P’s house (my MOM’s mom) and started to get ready in the main floor bathroom.

Which is just off the kitchen. (It’s a bizarre location, we know. We’re just used to it. haha)

While I was doing her hair, she told me she was having doubts about the wedding. I learned that she was marrying one of my uncles, except that he wasn’t my uncle in the dream either.

A blonde woman came to the bathroom and poked her head in, and asked if we had seen my uncle. We directed her to the living room, then followed out a few minutes later.

When we arrived in the living room, my uncle (who wasn’t my uncle) announced that the wedding was off. He had fallen in love with the blonde woman who came to see us, who also happened to be a sailor.

My aunt (who wasn’t my aunt) was relieved and grabbed the hand of the man standing next to her, and announced that she too was in love with someone else.

Everyone started eating the brownies and then I woke up.


I know. I don’t even know what to say. I woke up this morning trying to figure out where the heck this dream came from, but I am at a loss.

At least the Dream-Hubster didn’t do anything scandalous last night. He’s off the hook this morning. :)

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