Parenting is hard sometimes.,  I Can Do Hard Things*

Today was my first solo drop off.

M had to go into work today, so he helped as much as he could before leaving, but then I was on my own.

So, naturally, all the things that could complicate the morning happened all at once.

My late night storm watching two nights ago left me totally exhausted last night. By the time I got W to sleep I was a bit of a zombie, and I could barely keep my eyes open. I decided just to make lunches in the morning, because, you know, that’s never a bad idea.

I set my alarm for 6:30, planning to get up before everyone and shower early, because I think it had been almost a week since I last washed my hair. So, naturally, W woke up an hour earlier than usual this morning at 6:20. He fussed and wouldn’t latch well and definitely wouldn’t go back to sleep, so I threw in the towel on that.

Thankfully M got breakfast and lunches started for the kids. When I came down it was a mad rush to now get through our normal routine: get bags packed, teeth brushed, hair done, sunscreen on, masks in pocket and shoes on.

Well, P got as far as his bag packed before he announced that he needed to poop. So, he ran back into the bathroom while I tried to get the other kids organized. Finally he finished and went upstairs to (I hope) brush his teeth.

THEN it was out the door.

Then, back in the door to get the mask that S forgot.

Then back in again to get a necklace she needed.

In between that, I also had to try and nurse a now overtired baby who wanted to fall asleep with me… But I was out of time.

So, in he went into the stroller, tired and angry that I had the audacity to put him down. He cried and screamed the entire. way. to. school.

We passed several families who smiled sympathetically… and I kept apologizing to everyone we passed. I’m no longer embarrassed by a crying baby in public (babies have feelings too), but I compulsively apologized as a screaming baby just adds a nice, calm ambiance at a school drop off. You know.

One by one I got the kids dropped off at their doors–with no tears. (Except from W). Even P went into his class like a champ… ON TIME.

I turned to meet a friend and start walking home…

…only to realize that I was still wearing P’s backpack that I had carried for him.

So, after a quick run back to his doors again, it was finally time to head home. W passed out, and I finally had half a minute to myself.

It was crazy. But..


I did my first solo school drop off with 3 kids + a baby. I was a hot mess, but we survived and I’m kinda proud of that.

Now then, if you need me, I will be recovering from said morning on the couch. 😂

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